Strain Type | Sativa, White Russian

White Russian

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Strain Name: White Russian

Grade: 8.75-9/10 A/A+ Michigan Medical Marijuana (The Mix)

Type: HYBRID Sativa/Indica

The legendary White Russian Lineage is a mish mash of decades of breeding programs from land-races around the world, culminating in a breed of White Widow X AK-47 two of the greatest strains worldwide! the breeding program was a success and White Russian is that offspring. She is said to have consistent THC levels hovering around 22%! quite the Superchild!

Looks: 8.5-9/10 Frosted with trichomes nice shade of golds and greens with nice orange hairs-very frosted cured well & well preserved not dense not airy either-hard and crisp crumbles into trichome crushed goodness ready to medicate

Smell: 8/10 slight sweet floral blossom smell not much before crushed but after crushing…YUMMY YUMMY YUMM sweet sour and smooth berries ans a subtle incense and a citrus kicker very well rounded

Taste: 8/10 slight trix taste-delicious and long lasting in the bowl-mellow

Effects: 9/10 1 small bowl out of the Zong- about 3 small/avg.hits…1st medication of the day. strong uplifting cerebral soaring sort of high. GREAT morning/daytime/social use instant slow takeoff upwards for 45 minutes then you plateau for 1.5 hrs then gentle comedown-overall effects 3 hrs-NOT FOR NEW USER/PATIENT-STRONG MEDICINE

Duration: about 3 hrs maybe longer

Potency: 9/10 could last longer but that might be asking for trouble

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: DAYTIME MEDICATION for all occasions and events-stealth!!!(i get red eyes easy)could make a great all around daytime med for productive-creative-task oriented sort of things-not foggy or spacey-good clear med-not for long duration pain management,there are much better meds for that-this is a low CBD/ High THC strain

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6 Responses to “White Russian”

  1. JESUS says:


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  2. biggy says:

    how tall does this plant grow indoors

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  3. michael mills says:

    this is one of the best bits of bud i have ever smoked i would give it 10/10 highly recomended

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  4. bryguy says:

    Haha I’ve been looking for a strain that crosses WW and AK.. two of my favorite. This just became available near me, I’m picking some up tomorrow. ^_^

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  5. tailget says:

    i wish i could try it ….. looks nice

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  6. Bear says:

    I agree with the review, but was kind of disappointed on overall bud size. That being said, Profusion of buds made up for the size and the taste and cerebral high were delightful!

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