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Strain Name: I don’t know, maybe someone can tell me?

Grade: A

Type: both indica/sativa

Looks: small, dense, mossy green buds no bigger than popcorn. orangy/brown hairs, some longer white hairs, somewhat sticky and as the pictures show the buds are generously laced with crystals.

Smell: almost like a mild Eucalyptus affect when you put
nose in the bag and take a deep inhale. There’s also a soft lemony pine scent at first. I love the smell of it.

Taste Unsure really what I’m tasting to be honest. Its like fresh
earthy aftertaste, maybe a little nutty or woodsy…

Effects: soft, slow incline (creeper), you feel it instantly after your first few exhales. Unlike other creepers that I HATE, this is pleasant. I’v been smoking for a long time always in search for that “perfect” medium. And I can’t stop talking about this one and I don’t even know what its called. There’s a slight Europhic feel at the peak of the incline for myself and fellow testers. It has a creativity affect, creates a clear mind, almost like the affect Ritalin does for someone with ADHD..

On the other I wanted to see how much I could smoke before I started to feel “car sick”. Couchlock for sure if you smoke more than you would usually but no real big head spins or the feeling of having motion sickness. It made me feel like I had one beer too many which I don’t like. But for the sake of research :-)

I’m super sensitive to the buzz that I like to obtain for the most part I usually only take a few puffs and usually that’s too much, but this strain is mild and therapeutic. Its very good for day time AND night time (smoked in a vape).

Potency: strong enough. I’ve had an advanced smoker tell me it
was nothing like he’s tried in a long time. He can’t quite put his finger on it.

Reviewed by: Nanna_38

Good Strain For: Daytime: Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Pain, Tension, Asthma, Appetite (increase). Promoting creativity, motivation. for Nighttime: ( upgrade the dosage to a vape or an extra puff or two from a joint). Calming effect, feel it in ur eyes, then creeps to the rest of ur body. I like it for its “libido enhancer”. Hard to explain.




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5 Responses to “Unknown”

  1. DRAKE322 says:

    IT’S BC PINEWARP I HAD HER YESTERDAY:BC Pinewarp is a marijuana strain that actually grows big in size. This marijuana strain is actually the product of two strains that had undergone genetic production. These marijuana strains are Texadatimewarpas well as Purple Pineberry. These varieties are actually two of British Colombia’s lowest maintenance as well as massive yielding marijuana varieties available. BC Pinewarp is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica strains. This marijuana plant is a very camouflage plant despite its small size.
    On the other hand, this plan has a taste that is piney to describe and this marijuana plant could provide more than 3 lbs. ofyields. This is actually the favorite of guerilla growers anywhere in the world. You do not need too much maintenance and BC Pinewarp is certainly a good mold-resistant plant. This plant is recommended to be grown outdoors. The flowering period outdoors is actually due late September.

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  2. DRAKE322 says:


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  3. master tender says:

    I believe the strain is afoo? or afgooey. Pine cone smell, Very heavily indica

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    Sondra Reply:

    Could it be afghan?

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  4. Mordin says:

    This picture and description are EXACTLY what I would use for Pot of Gold. Also, the picture(s) that I saw listed for Pot of Gold were not how I would describe it, but ‘Unknown’ matched it exactly.

    Physically, the shape of the leaves and stem, the reddish color and bushiness of the trichomes(sp?) are what made me think it looked like Pot of Gold.

    Regarding the high, you hit it right on the spot. Instant high, but then it has a nice slow progression right to the that subtle euphoric feeling at the peak. I find it dials right in to my creative side but if I smoke too much it couch-locks me for sure.

    I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in Oregon, and I smoke Pot of Gold for its awesome pain relief, specifically.

    Best of luck in your search, mate!

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