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UBC Chemo

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ubc chemo

Strain Name: UBC Chemo

Grade: B-

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Looks:close to hashplant, dark green buds , frosty.

Smell:a little earthy, yet slight smell of crystals.

Taste: earthy,not very the best but gets you ripped

Effects: very stoned pressure behind eyes

Potency: Very strong , makes you a bit lighted headed if smoked a lot

Reviewed by: Logan Smith

Good Strain For:Wake n bake, or bedtime hoots.

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5 Responses to “UBC Chemo”

  1. yukonjack says:

    I have this strain. It’s the real deal as I got it graded by Green Leaf labs in Portland ORE. THC was rated at 18.24% CBD at 0.24% and CBN at 0.76%. Definitely will leave you couch locked if you over do it. Recommended to top the plant at an early stage and then again while in veg. I veg for 60 days at 24hrs and then throw into flower 12/12 for 60 days. Phenomenal strain for pain relief and a super appetite enhancer.

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  2. Oky says:

    i wont have room for more plants once i put them into the 4 8 tent. i dont want any eoircrvwdong. only the 14 PK are going into the tent.the personal use plant count in oakland is 72 plants. a collective of 3 patients can have 216 plants.

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  3. Buggins says:

    I commend you. There is no way I could function normally during the day on this shit. Well done sir.

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  4. Buggins says:

    I would NOT recommend this strain for wake and bake. If it’s real Chemo, it should knock you the fuck out. If it doesn’t, its probably not the real deal.

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    Logan M Vick Reply:

    It is the real deal, and it does knock you the fuck out thats why i use it for wake and bake when i have it might as well get as baked as you can

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