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frosted trainwreck.JPG

Strain Name: Trainwreck

Grade: B

Type: Sativa dominant

Looks: Gorgeous. Dusted in crystals with lots of orange hairs.

Smell: Spicy, earthy, with a hint of skunk.

Taste: Much like the smell.

Effects: The first thing I noticed was the immediate cerebral effects. Lightly visual, a nice body buzz, but it is still easy to get stuff done.

Potency: Mild – moderate. 2-4 hours.

Reviewed by: Lexistence


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43 Responses to “Trainwreck”

  1. Stomp says:

    They ought to call this weed heaven and hell. I quit for five years and this was my first time smoking pharacutical grade pot. Sometimes the high is heavenly exhilerating. Other times nightmarish paranoid couch lock. Im a paranoid schizophrenic so im already paranoid but Train Wreck intesified it x25. An 1/8th lasted me almost 5 months. A chunk the size of a pea will get you high like you took some acid for an hour or so.

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  2. Metastase foie says:

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  3. VioletRiot says:

    I see lots of people arguing over what the high is like, but could it be that some people just get a different effect from it ? If someone gave me a bud that they said was good energy, for example, I could very well get couch lock from it just because I haven’t smoked in a awhile compared to the person who might smoke all the time and get the true feel of it. Just sayin. And smells are the same way…not everyone is going to get the same scent. It smells like lemon pledge and rotten oranges to one person and might smell like fruit loops to another !

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    Falstaff Reply:

    THANK YOU Well said! I couldn’t say it better. Nuf said…

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  4. sivia says:

    i get a solid night’s sleep, but it can creep up on you and take you for a spin. do what you gotta do,take your hit and go to bed. aaaahhh!

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  5. iam right says:

    all the good weed in amsterdam comes from west virginia they say in high times and on the net californa because they want to throw you off weed grows so good in west virginia that some strains grown there are stronger than pcp or lsd go look up west virginia weed pics on the net you will shit youre fucking pants how big they are

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  6. jonaahhhhhh says:

    I was driving home and started to see monkeys, psychoactive for sure the sativa characteristics of this bud are down right scary!

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    Jsjsjnsjsjsksk Reply:

    Why were you driving home when you are that high?

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  7. b says:

    Im waiting for “my boys” trainwreck x g13 x supersilverhaze!!!! its looking beautiful so far so good. Also ” hes got” white widow x ice. Yummy

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  8. Mobile Money Bandit Review says:

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  9. chilled 24/7 says:

    I happened to smoke this yesterday and it got me and my friend super parinoid i controlled it by relaxing but he was so pariniod my voice made him scarred… and he was driving. smh

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  10. Shaft Johnson says:

    Dank as shit. I chilled in the woods on this shit at a bon fire with my girl. Too much fun. I had the time of my life on this. A.

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  11. weed pics says:

    Its such as you learn my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few % to pressure the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

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  12. carlos says:

    a mi gusta fumar mota xk ta chido

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  13. paulak says:

    i loved the trainwreak i have it was very helpfull with the pain

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  14. shorty says:

    got one clone from local medicos, so not sure of provenance, but it is very intense and helps joint pain.

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  15. NorCalRod says:

    Great Sativa. Lemmon, Pine smell and taste. Early finishing. heavy yeilder I like to smoke any time (sometimes all night long).

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  16. tennostevo says:

    ya the buds dont look like it man your right. the shit even looke dlike a pine tree lol

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  17. tennostevo says:

    again my trainwreck was pimprted from norcal like all the shit i get besides the occasionall N.C. hydr, the last was White Widow it was banging but the cali always beats out on flavor and dankness PEICs

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  18. tennostevo says:

    the trainwreck i got tasted like pine sol pine tree pine dankess, got me ultra sativaish high which i dont prefer over the down indica, anyway my wife liked it but to piney for me dank strain i give it a B or maybe even a C cuz i wouldnt ever get it again cuz of the pineishness

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  19. Natural Addict says:

    Crap ass Trainwreck. Cali has the BEST Trainwreck in the country!! And that is NOT Cali TW.

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  20. dude says:

    real trainwreck looks nothing like the buds in these pictures.

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  21. Trollatelo says:

    Trainwreck is great!
    Love the taste and smell
    all around a good strain

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  22. Picklator says:

    Very nice pics. Looks like the buds got snowed on

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  23. James Bakerj says:

    ok ,well lets chat about my 1/8th of Amythist free for buying a 1/2 of trainwreck.OK well its all gone nuff i,m ordering a 1/2 of that 2 peace out!!!

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  24. James Baker says:

    next is Amythist=an hawaiian cross,i,ll get bk to you on that strain 2 morrow with a clear head.I saved a amythist clone from certain death and it ended up growing into a beutiful lady 1/4erlber which was stolen the last,well the 2nd time i got ripped off.Once people find out where ur growing it doesn,t take long for the south lake tahoe(TACO) meth -heads from hell to come a knockin(with baseball bats ) I ended up with only 1 oz of it but it looks just like whats been deliverwed.lolPEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. James Baker says:

    WHile I,m coming off of 16 yrs of opiate-based painkillers using cannabis to survive the horrible physical withdrawls u get from them ,I say screw it i,m sick of been told how when and where to take my meds,i quit!!!Cannabis like trainwreck is just 1 of many strains i grew in my 10 yr run as a vendor.Trainwreck is great!!!I give it a 8

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    James Baker Reply:

    I just took a hit ,1 hit and 5 mins later my runny nose has dried up and i,m not sweating anymore in 70 degrees ,I think 1 morer will do the trick=couchlocked with my bible watching or staring at a movie,lol,yeah,I like it!!!TRAINWRECK yeeeeeehaaaaa this 1/2 looks like two bananas of snow-covered budsand some smaller nugs,mmm mmm good,ok next hit PEACE OUT!!!

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    Suzanne Reply:

    I spent over 4 yrs. on the pain med merry go round & came off cold turkey…it was horrible…you’re to be admired & the weed makes it bearable and when you get thru it you’ll find the pain is so much less than it was on the meds! Congrats to you! Feel free to contact me if you need someone who’s been thru it.

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  26. smokadachocka says:


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    NoReggieBush Reply:

    You just nominated yourself for the stupid ass of the year award!

    You smoke regs and it does the trick. Pa-fuckin-thetic.

    If your so happy with your regs why are you on a medical marijuana website drooling over the pictures?

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    NoReggieBush Reply:

    I’m telling you right now I wouldn’t even smoke the swag your smoking on if you paid me.

    Does the trick? Here’s a trick take that doo-doo and throw it in the toilet where it belongs.

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  27. coughcoughpass says:

    I’ve got some trainwreck x star nebula, looks similar, though larger nugs with a few purple specs.

    Great stuff. A good early afternoon smoke in my book.

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  28. chong says:

    shut it Quinn ya douche bag,get a life you fuckin idiot!

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  29. JoeBlow1080 says:

    The couple of times that I’ve had trainwreck I took two hits and was 4 sheets to the wind. Trainwreck is a very strong high. Great body buzz and great cerebral buzz. It has a very strong smell and sweet taste. The stuff I had was fresh so maybe that makes a difference but, it was a great smoke.

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  30. budsmoker3oh3 says:

    Matt olsen knows whats good. That is not real trainwreck. The stuff from cali is the real deal get this bogus off the internet.

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    Cannblitz Reply:

    I agree this idiot should be banned from posting on the net. There’s no way this is trainwreck. Pretty much everything in the description is wrong. For example trainwreck is not “Good For Energy” as labeled here, it’s more of drowsy high.

    I wish there was a website that provides correct information about the medicinal effects of different strains of cannabis. I know there are at least a few doctors researching cannabis. It would be nice to get some info from a credible source.

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    Napa215girl Reply:

    OMG, Me too. Me too!
    I wish there was a website that provides correct information about the medicinal effects of different strains of cannabis. I know there are at least a few doctors researching cannabis. It would be nice to get some info from a credible source.

    I’m desperately searching to learn more and am brand new to using mmj for back pain, etc. There should be a weedfacebook or something something out there.

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    dondeiselboy83 Reply:

    I dont know how anybody is saying that isnt trainwreck in the picture. I have finished product of trainwreck right here. That dudes right. The wreck is super popular here in CO my people. Great srain for anxiety and depression too. as well as good for sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end :)

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    philthyco Reply:

    no, trainwreck is sativa.. it’s a uplifting high.. not a drowsy high..cheers.

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    NORML Kid Reply:

    Just because it’s a sativa doesn’t mean it’s not a drowsy high.

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  31. Lexistence says:

    I read somewhere recently that a lot of the Trainwreck around is actually crossed with other things. Maybe this is crossed with something else, and that’s why it smells different. Or my sense of smell is off? It’s wonderful bud, regardless. =)

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  32. Aphoric says:

    Might not be the real Trainwreck, or it’s moldy. Trainwreck smells like rotten oranges and lemon pledge, amonia and diesel, very strong aroma with a proper dry and cure. The photo and description seem accurate, so maybe it was mistreated.

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