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Strain Name: Trainwreck

Grade: A

Type: Sativa Dominant. Though I dont know the exact percentages, my guess is about 85% Sativa. 15% Indica.

Looks: Me and my friend broke up a one gram nugget yesterday, frosty as Hell, I dont think theres one place on this bud thats not covered in these gicantic, glistening trichomes, when its all broken up you will have the bigest pile of keef you have ever seen. The bud itself is ccovered in orang-ish red-ish hairs about every centimeter around. Its light green and extremely sticky, not a bud that can be broken up with your hands. Its very dense and over all a great looking bud. 10/10

Smell: I wasnt expecting it to be, when i first put the bag to my face to get a whiff of it there was no mistaking the piney scent of kush. A trademark scent of trainwreck is it smells very sour with a pungent scent of lemon. Though ive never actually smelled one, many people believe its scent resembles the odor of a dead whale. 8.5/ 10

Taste: Its taste has a very earthy, kushy taste. But on the exhale you get a slightly fruity, skunky taste. 9/10

Effects: Very harsh in the beggining but slowly dives into a very calming, euphoric high. 9/10

Potency: Very strong, this is deffinately not a weed for a first time smoker, or a smoker with very low tolerance. I myself have only a medium tolerance and found it hard to enjoy the first time, though as you strat to understand how to enjoy the high. This is not a bud that you can be doing things while high off of. WHen high off trainwreck just let the high over take you. 9/10

Reviewed by: Far From Normal 13

Good Strain For: Right now im high off of this and i have sunburn and i can tell you its deffinately good for chronic pains, it just takes your mind off the pain. Though i cant say for sure, i would guess it would also be good for; ADD, low appetite,low appreciation of life,low creativity.

Notes: When high off this chronic just play down, get some snacks and lie down. Please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes as this stuff has me baked right now, happy medicating:)


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One Response to “Trainwreck”

  1. former bc grower says:

    not my fav but a very potent sativa with indica like effects.i grew this strain for a long time indoors and perfected the pinching tecniqe with this produces a very strong mind blocking high,dont do any public speaking with this strain,because you will more then likely find yourself f-ing up your sentences:)not good for nightime tho.
    it gave me restless-leg-syndrome

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