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THC Bomb

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THC Bomb

Strain Name: THC Bomb

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Most of the buds look like golf balls with tons of bright orange hair. There is so much orange hair that it looks like a troll. The buds look delicious.

Smell: Has a very unique one of a kind smell. It reaks of skunk, funions and a slight hint of fresh earth. When it’s broken up it smells like a strong bag of funions with a hint of sour mix. This strain will stink up an entire room. Smells very good!

Taste: The taste is a lot like the smell, very skunky with hints of earth and a dash of sourness. Puts out a thick tasty vapor from the volcano vaporizer and is not harsh at all. Tastes very good!

Effects: Night time use! The sativa effects can be felt almost immediately. After a few minutes pass the indica part grabs a hold of you and does not let go. Provides a relaxing anti-anxiety medicinal effect. It also works great for an improved appetite and pain relief. I also found this particular strain to work great for asthma too!  This strain could even be used for insomnia in larger doses.

Potency: Medium – Strong

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: This strain instantly stinks up a room once the jar is cracked and when it’s vaporized it leaves the room smelling like a dead skunk for hours. This strain has so much hair that when you take a bud out of the jar, you can literally smoke just a bowl of hairs from the leftover hair that falls off the buds.

THC Bomb

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23 Responses to “THC Bomb”

  1. sshz says:

    Just to review……make sure you get these seeds from Bomb Seeds, they are the original breeder. is a knock off company who makes copies of originals- not a good idea if you want “the real deal”, so you’ve been warned twice now. Pay a little more, get the best.

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  2. kygiacomo says:

    this is a good strain..and the best site to order seeds from is herbies..the best weeed forum is thctalk!! on thc talk we even have free seed competions that some of the breeders do for POGK go to thctalk and take a look at it..its the most beatuiful purple i have ever seen..and i have seen multi grow diarys of this strain and it is awesome..i grew some out and smoked it myself after a good buddy on thc forum grew it out..its a massive producer to..i got 18.5 oz from 1 plant and 15 from the other i only planted 2 of the 3 i ordered…since i grow outside i only do 10 plants..i grew out super lemon haze and its wonderful as well…but im telling u guys leave that comp alone..the reason u all gettin bad seeds is the turnover rate is prolly not that well with them..i know that everone from herbies that orders are happy wit them..also herbies has some killer kandy kush last month as freebie..this month they got norhern light blue and carmelo all feminized freebies to..and delicious is my fav seed bank i have 5 of their strains ready to pop for my march 1st out dooor im really hopeful this year for my delahaze,super lemon haze,kandy kush,pogk,bomb thc bomb,and ice bomb or berry bomb havent made mind up yet..i seen one person ask wat seed bank sales these its BOMB SEEDS COMP..but jsut go to Like Big Bud, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichromes. THC Bomb was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed!
    Type: Indica/Sativa Mix
    Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
    Plant Height: Short (65-90cm)
    Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks
    THC: Very High (20-25%)
    Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct
    Yield: Very High (550-650g/m²)
    Stoned/High: Strong, all round buzz

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  3. john holmes says:

    cassie mckinley from gilmer tx., has the best pussy you can possibly ever hope to fuck…. very wet and very tight. she also loves extremely large black cocks.

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  4. Urbwarrior says:

    Just an update. The biggest out of the 3 plants at 34″ turned out to be male. Obviously removed straight away. Tried topping 2nd plant. Turned out to be hermaphrodite. Could this have been stress related or is was it a predtermined coincidence? Im still new at this and am constantly looking for tips and advice. Keeping the herm in a different room for feminised seeds. Is there any advice to stop the herm from affecting other plants with pollination or a tecnique for a quick turn around maintaining good quality seeds? 3rd still going good and at 450x400x400mm week 5

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  5. Urbwarrior says:

    I got some thc bomb from and im happy enough. Ive got 3 out of 4 working well. The 4th didnt take well. At just under 5 wks one of them is 34″ from soil and looking healthy enough. Seeds are a natural product. Of course all of them wont work out, thats just nature. I think the prices reflect this. Also i have a random plant. Does anyone know a way to identify it roughly? Any online algorithims or picture match or similar? It was just an experiment but turned out great.

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  6. digtman says:

    I purchased 5 indoor thc bomb feminized seeds, I decided to place the 14″ pots outside in a good sunny place, 3 took . 2 real good the other still little, 9 weeks and 1 is 18″ and branchy, the other is bushy and 16″, the 3rd one is 2″????
    same pack of seeds, same size pots, same location, same treatment, what gives?, first time grower.
    did I make a mistake growing outside inside seeds? I wish I remembersd which site I got it from, so I will not order from there again. any suggestions?

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  7. Roland says:

    This stuff is like super sticky, sticks to your fingers and everything. The taste has an almost fuel like quality .The final discovery was useing some reptile lights on the last 3 weeks of flowering .This has turned my normal grow into a super sticky yield that has surpassed my last grow with out the reptile lights .This is the Bomb , just 2 nice rips and its all goooooooood !

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  8. ganjafarmer841 says:

    very much discribed as the guy above says mad redhairs very relaxing for me and runs throw the hole body. Its a very full high and at sometimes its great for day smoke but if you smoke to much its lights out

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    pkraker Reply:

    I had always heard that the orange hairs are not psychoactive. I cannot remember smoking just the hairs (because of that information.)

    Does anyone have information about that? I’d love to hear about it.

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  9. JiMmY!!! says:

    My second generation clones are doing great, and are around 5-6ft high. I’ve been LST’ing them for the last 3-4 weeks to stop them from hitting the HID light. Earlier I’ve just taken some clones for the old man, which will be third generation clones. Once they’ve grown-up he’ll then take some for me and I’ll have 4th generation clones of this magnificent strain. The plants i’ve got now are around a week away from me flipping them into flower! Can’t wait to see the results of these awesome babies!!!

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  10. Ganjaman420 says:

    I have 6 of these plants in my room right now, they took off in growth from clones and are now about 5 feet tall and in there 2nd week of flowering. The two smaller plants I have are budding the fastest but they are all looking very nice. The person i got the clones from finished his crop about a month ago and it was beautifully covered in a white resin with patches of thick orange hairs coating the outside of the massive buds. Great plant!! Great High!!

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  11. JiMmY!!! says:

    Another update on the replacement seeds and all:

    The replacement seeds gave me a 50/50 germination rate. Out of the 5 plants that had grown, one of them was a total runt. I got one massively high male “4ft in just over a month”, and 3 really strong and stocky girls that are around 2ft high and near 3ft wide. The girls have very close node distance which is also a +ve. All plants have just started to show pre-flowers and as of this afternoon I’ve thrown these into bud. I’m budding this variety more for seedstock/seed saving than anything, as in this region of the world cannabis seed is getting almost impossible to get past customs/order in. Not to mention, I don’t like receiving bad beans or anything.

    With the THC Bomb strain, I am now running C2’s otherwise known as second generation clones. I have 8 x clones that just over 1-1/2ft tall in 2 weeks. These took just over a week to strike a good strong root system from cuttings. The clones are extremely bushy, have heaps of nodes/lateral growth and are emit quite a dank and skunk-like smell.

    The smoke from the last crop was incredible, and just one cone packed sets me on a good head/uplifting high for 2-3 hours. The smoke is totally awesome for chronic or severe asthma and works great for my breathing very fast “within 15-30 seconds” compared to ventalin which takes 3-5 minutes for it to work for me.

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  12. stonah99 says:

    good shit i see no purple in side alot of orange hairs good high

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  13. JiMmY!!! says:

    While the quality of seeds from is far from great, they do offer great prices and do deliver on the goods. Out of the 8 x seeds that I had started 6 of them have now come up and 2 of them are basically dead husks. I’ve planted the last 2 x THC Bomb seeds in hopes that they’ll germinate, but only time will tell to see if they do!.

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    Tony ray Reply:

    I was also dissapointed with the thc bomb and hindu kush seed quality from, plants had good structure tight node spacing and what not but seemed to lack a little in the trichome production. had alot of males out of 10 reg seeds, i didnt bother emailing them though or buying anything form them again.

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  14. JiMmY!!! says:

    An update on the THC Bomb:
    The THC that I grew that didn’t show the white TV antenna style hairs was in-fact a male. A well-known trait of the THC Bomb plant once it reaches maturity “usually 6-8 weeks old”, will show these hairs if the plant is female. It’s a handy thing to know, so then you can remove the likely male plants. My plants are now around 11 weeks old and out of the 2 x female plants one is 6ft high with around 20 bud sites. The crown is around 12 inches long x 2 inches wide of continuous thick bud. The other plant which is 5ft tall looks somewhat behind the large female, but has plenty of small bud sites but no major buddage as of yet. The smell of the bud has that rich/reeky skunk-like smell. The buddage is extremely covered in thick white frosty trichomes and will be a real winner once finished and harvested/cured.

    The clones that I took that are up my dads “so we can do split grow cycles – When he’s ready to bud, I will take clones and once his are finished, I will have clones for him” are doing awesome. Out of the 3 x clones I took of each, 2 of them from the real productive plant have rapidly taken off “just under 2 x 4ft t8 grow lights” and are near 1-1/2ft tall with a great many of node sites. From the other plant, only 1 of the 3 took off and is real dense and near 1ft tall. I’ve got a feeling that these will be a much better plant from clones than they are as from seed, as they’re doesn’t appear to be quite as much stretch.

    I’ve started off 8 of the last batch of seeds that I had received from and of the 8, 2 of them have come out of their jiffy peat pellets in around 5 days. Hoping they will all take off, as I will breed the strongest couple for seed, and hopefully have some for medicinal smoke. If enough doesn’t take off and succeed, I will get some clones of the strong female plant and have a whole deck of ladies in grow.

    To me, the THC Bomb has been and has the potential to be a better plant than others that I have personally grown like:

    Panama Red
    Red Devil
    Afghani Skunk
    Royal Hash
    + some random bag seed indy/sat.

    Notes for growing:
    THC Bomb will happily grow with more nutes than even afghan skunk. Very tolerant plant and quite vigorous. This plant will grow straight up for the sky if you dont tip it early. Tip the plant from above the third set of true leaves for maximum bush. It also works well with strategic trimming of fan leaves and Low Stress Training. Note, if trimming fan leaves, do not remove more than 25% at any one time. Give the plant some recovery time between trimming.

    My grow setup:
    I am using a 4ft x 4f x 8ft high grow tent with a reflective white interior. I use 8 x T8 fluroescent grow tubes with mixed red/blue spectrum for flowering “will also bud well”, and also start up the 400watt HPS light for budding. I have 1 x 5″ duct fan running off a cool tube for the HPS light via ducting. The duct fan is good enough to keep the interior temps good even on a 35 degree C day outside. I also have 2 x small pc fans blowing towards the plants and am running a recirculating hydroponics system using hydroton as the medium and growrite/budrite as the solution. For veg, I run at 24 hours on and for bud I start at 8/16 for the first 2 weeks and then go up to 12/12 for the remaining 6-8 weeks.

    For people with an ec and ph meter, I find the plants love it at a solution temp of 24 degrees C “74-76F?”, a Ph level of 5.9 – 6.0 works great, air temps around the same as solution temp, and an EC of around 2.0 when plants are fully developed. I have personally accidentally ran at 3.0 hand have noticed very slight nute burn on the tips. 2.0 is perfect for them.

    Hope this info is of use to some people!

    JiMmY!!! – The CrIpPlEd KiD!!!
    SouthPark Colorado!!

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  15. JiMmY!!! says:

    Forgot to mention….

    My plants are just 7 weeks old, and have reached the 3ft mark. So for a plant that’s meant to be short and bushy, it’s quite a good, fast and vigorous grower which will also clone very easily!

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  16. JiMmY!!! says:

    I first brought a pack of 10 THC bomb seeds from in early November 2010 and received them on the 1st of December 2010. Seed quality was less than average and only got 5 good seeds out of 10. Was definately the bottom of the barrel. After a whole bunch of emails, and being stuffed around, they finally sent a new batch of seeds along with 5 x free royal hash seeds. The seeds they supplied, this time, do look to be very large and healthy with no massive cracks right through them.

    Anyway, I started the first batch off and got 5 to germinate nicely. out of the 5, 2 keeled over due to stretch and being top heavy. I’ve now got 3 very healthy plants that were thrown into bud about 2 weeks ago. The plants are around 3ft high with a mass of node sites!. 2 of the 3 are starting to get white t.v. antenna style pistils all over them. the 3rd one hasn’t shown any signs just yet. When I first propagated them, they were showing signs of purple for the 1st 2 weeks, and then they phased out to the typical green colour. I do know that they take well from clones and seem to take root quite well in around 1-2 weeks, as I’ve taken 3 cuttings of each, and they’re all started to grow. There’s a strong skunky smell where my plants are growing, and it’s been like that for the past week now. I don’t know how potent the bud will be, but some people have reported that the THC levels are somewhere around 20% in optimal conditions which are great. Also there are reports of real heavy massive buds from this plant.

    THC Bomb is meant to be a cross of Big Bud x PPP “Pure Power Plant” and then back-crossed with Big Bud.

    From the experience of my first grow of it, the leaves are quite large reaching over 1ft x 1ft in diameter and node/lateral growth is quite fast, especially from the start of 12/12 light cycle change.

    Once my harvest is ready in 6-8 weeks, I will report back and let the world know if it’s any good or not.



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  17. Muffinman says:

    GREAT POT! grew some this summer outdoors. and it blew me away!!
    HUGE PRODUCER!! is where i got mine.
    P.S. the plant is straight purple around harvest season!!!

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  18. Sam says:

    What bank is the THC BOMB from?

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Not 100% sure about this batch. But I searched online and seen peeps had good results with this bank for thc bomb –

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    JiMmY!!! Reply:

    Yeah, the original site for these were from, but now i’m noticing that other sites are selling this variety.

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