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Purple Kush

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Purple Kush

Strain Name: Purple Kush

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: Nice fluffy, trich covered buds

Smell: Very pungent piney, skunk smell

Taste: Very smooth sweet taste

Effects: Up up up and away

Potency: 2 Hit quit

Reviewed by: MedicalNoob

Good Strain For: Anxiety

Strain Type: Indica, Purple Kush

Purple Diesel

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Purple Diesel

Strain Name: Purple Diesel

Genetics: Sour Diesel x Purple Kush

Grade: A

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

Looks: Big, long, dark green and purple buds. A few orange hairs and extremely heavy crystallization.

Smell: Sweet and sour. Very pungent. Equal parts diesel and fruit.

Taste: A delicious smoke. Mostly Sour Diesel, but with a good helping of purple fruitiness. Expansive and heavy.

Effects: A fast and furious buzz for the head and body. Creative, euphoric and uplifting thoughts with a slightly speedy feel and increase in heart rate. Potentially some disoriented and uncoordinated feelings for a little while, but mellows into a spacey and dreamy experience. An excellent medicine for day and night use.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Depression. Pain relief. Insomnia.

Strain Type: Purple Diesel, Sativa


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Strain Name: Piezel

Grade: 8/10 — A

Type: Pretty even blend of Sativa (New York City Diesel) and Indica (Purple Kush). Starts of as the Sativa but towards teh end you feel the Indica start to kick in.

Looks: Crystal-caked green with pretty long, bright orange hairs

Smell: Pretty weak scent – I had to put my nose in the bag. Blend of Italian spices (mostly Oregano), with a hint of dank. If it wasn’t coming from a dispensary and didn’t look like bud, I probably would’ve refused to pay.

Taste: A very sweet earthy taste going in, and a fruity earthy on the way out. DELICIOUS!!!

Effects: WARNING!! THIS BUD GRABS YOU!! Out of a straight pipe, I was coughing my ass OFF. Insta-high. This bitch is not a creeper, but does take a couple good hits to get squinty. Pretty easily distracted, and pretty lazy.

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Relaxing, just chillin out

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Strain Name: Spurkle

Grade: A

Type: Indica (cross Purple Kush & G-13)

Looks: Nice long dense buds.

Smell: Fragrant sweet aroma with a hint of fuel.

Taste: Very strong Kush flavor.

Effects: Long lasting relaxed body effects that makes you feel like butter on a bbq grill.

Potency: Great evening smoke.

Reviewed by: Magic Mind

Good Strain For: Deep Thoughts

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Purple Kush

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Purple Kush

Strain Name: Purple Kush

Grade: B

Type: Indica

Looks: Dense light green buds with orange and purple hairs. Lots of crystals covering the entire bud inside and out.

Smell: Exxon unburned fuel combined with pine trees, hints of earth and skunk undertones. Also, wiffs of the standard kush smell when you squeeze the bud. Smells a bit “off” compared to other purple kush strains I’ve sampled in the past.

Taste: Pine, skunk, fresh earth greens, fresh rain, spice with a hint of burnt campfire leaves on the exhale. Put out a thick vapor that left me coughing after every pull off the volcano bag.

Effects: Night time use only! Provided very strong indica effects right after that first pull off the volcano bag. Instantly noticed strongly induced anti-anxiety effects combined with a euphoric like thought patterns. Completely reduced all my body pains within the first 5 minutes. I was impressed even though it was a heavy indica I was still very talkative, active, creative and motivated. I would give the potency and effects an A+ if I was grading them alone. :)

Potency: Strong

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: I was disappointed with this batch of purple kush. Not only was the taste and the smell lacking, it also came equipped with pre-mature seeds in some of the buds. This was my first time sampling a purple kush strain that wasn’t a solid A+. However, it did make up for what it was lacking in potency and medicinal effects.

Purple Kush

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Strain Type: Indica, Purple KushComments (2)

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