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Strange Clouds ‘bob’

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Strange Clouds 'bob'

Strain Name:strange clouds

Grade: b

Type: sativa


Smell: like the rain before it falls

Taste: cotton candy

Effects:extreme insightfulness

Potency: high

Reviewed by: subcool, stitch,soma,gobiginternational,natgeo himself

Good Strain For:happydays


Strain Type: Sativa

Mandala #1

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Strain Name: Mandala #1

Grade: A++

Type: Hybrid mainly Sativa (East Indian Landrace Sativa x South African Landrace Sativa x New Zealand Purple Indica)

Looks: Very dense long foxtail buds.Extremely crystally inside and out. Very beautiful colors lots of golds, pinks, reds, browns and even some purples. A few phenos were more of the New Zealand Purple and were very dense and fatter, christmas tree shaped and were a beautiful purple pink color.

Smell: When you first open a jar it smells very distinctly like orange cream soda, then it morphs into a variety of citrus smells,orange, lemon, and lime.The single buds smell very smokey and earthy on a deep inhale. Overall very delicious indeed, I give it a 10 on smell.

Taste: Very smooth smokey, citrus, earthy flavor. This is organic, dirt grown medicine and is very easy on the throat with very little coughing involved.

Effects: According to the pheno you are smoking, mostly sativa effects. Very mood enhancing, psychedelic effects that hit immediately and started with a warming effect throughout the body.This sativa is not like alot of the psychoactive sativas in that the strain is bred to take out alot of the heart racing, paranoid effects of some sativas. Mike Mandala crossed in the New Zealand purple indica in just the right amount to tone down the frantic effects of the strong landrace sativas. However the strain is very psychedelic and thought provoking, very fun and enjoyable experience.

Potency: This strain is very potent and fast acting, yet it is not overwhelming at all. It is long lasting, with intense effects for between 2-3 hours, with mellow after effects for another hour or two

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: Depression and anxiety, or just over-all fun Sativa high!

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Sage and Sour

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Sage and Sour

Strain Name: Sage and Sour

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Dark green buds, very densely coated in crystals. Thick orange hairs protrude between the buds sporadically, and in no sort of grouping.

Smell: Natural dank scent, with slight undertones of sweet spices.

Taste: The flavor of this buzz is fairly mild. I can taste a slight sour taste and a kind of incense-like spicy undertone, but nothing powerful like Sour Diesel or Orange Crush.

Effects: The buzz is very uplifting, and mood enhancing. Visual tracking is a bit off, but focus and mental acuity seem to be well intact. It has a sort of tingling in my head, as if I could feel my brain and its tingling on its surface. That tingling really seems to help with my headache. Also, this is not a jittery sativa. It seems pretty mellow, but slightly energetic.

Potency: Effects lasted 2-2.5 Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Helped with nausea and headache immensely, but not good for pain.

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Strain Type: Sage and Sour, Sativa

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