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Jedi OG

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Jedi OG

Strain Name: Jedi OG

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid-Indica Dominant

Looks: Lots of Kief

Smell: Sweet

Taste: Sweet and Earthy

Effects: Definitely has the indica traits. Relaxes instantly.

Potency: A

Reviewed by: theindicaprincess

Good Strain For: Anxiety, insomnia, pain



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Strain Name: Caviar

Genetics: Grape God x Grape Rhino hash oil x Grape Rhino kief

Source: OM of Medicine – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Grade: A+ (Highest possible rating)

Type: Indica x Indica x Indica

Looks: The Chemical Brothers released Exit Planet Dust on 6/25/95; on 8/20/11, I met the medical equivalent. Quite frankly I was scare-roused when I saw it.

Photos: iPhone 4 with digital zoom.

Smell: Be sure to open in an area with little or no wind as it’s coated in kief; literally smelled like some Godiva dark chocolate soaked in grape Kool-Aid. I thought about eating it for a second.

Taste: Consistent with smell on both inhale and exhale.

Effects: CAUTION!!! Should not be handled by “amateurs”. I made the mistake of medicating on alcohol and was passed out after 2 hours; resulting marker penis on forehead had to be explained to spouse.

Potency: I have never medicated with anything this strong before.

Reviewed by: C Unit

Strain Good For: Anything with little or no physical or mental activity e.g. sleep, movies, sleep.

P.S. If you are anywhere remotely close to the Ann Arbor area MUST try it to believe. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Strain Type: Caviar, IndicaComments (7)

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