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Strain Name: LSD

Grade: A

Type: Indica dominant hybrid.

Looks: Light to pale green smallish and irregular buds. Nice crystals, but nothing too spectacular. Kinda leafy.

Smell: Sort of grassy, fresh and sweetly earthy. There’s a perfume quality to the smell and maybe a little lemon.

Taste: Earthy and floral at the same time. Unique.

Effects: One-of-a-kind buzz. This is exactly why there needs to be much more medical marijuana research being done in our so-called “institutions of higher learning.” Something crazy is going on with this weed…whatever combination of cannabinoids this strain possesses does nutty things to your head for the first half-hour before it mellows into a “normal” high. Not like real LSD, obviously, but the mental wallop this baby packs is downright weird.

Potency: High Potency

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Mental therapy.

Strain Type: Indica, LSD

Yuckleberry Wow

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Yuckleberry Wow

Strain Name: Yuckleberry Wow

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: dense bud with lots of red hairs

Smell: grassy, peppery, a hint of dank

Taste: smooth with a woodsy flavor

Effects: nice mellow high, thought provoking, some pain relief

Potency: high

Reviewed by: SweetPea

Good Strain For: anxiety, pain

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Strain Type: Indica, Yuckleberry Wow

Medical Marijuana


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