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blackjack double and split

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J1 Marijuana

Strain Name: J1

Grade: A

Type: Sativa.

Looks: Crystal, hairy (orange).

Smell: Spicy, not strong.

Taste: Not really a taste but really smooth inhale and exhale.

Effects: Paranoia, Severe cotton mouth, Munchies, Loss of motor functions and speech, Body numbness and paralysis, Hard to see, Hard to breathe, Exhaustion, Loss of balance, Loss of hearing (varies in severity), Depressing thoughts, and giggles and spacey head on the come down.

Potency: VERY strong. I smoked two bowls at 5pm and was still feeling the high until 10pm the next day. It creeps up on you (feel it in about 10-15 minutes) and lingers for a VERY long time. It was a terrifying experience because I was flooded with paranoia and depression. If anything, its a one hit quitter. Do NOT smoke this strain alone like I did, it’s bad news.

Reviewed by: NooneAtNight

Good Strain For: Wanting to freak the f#ck out.

Strain Type: J1, Sativa

Pot Of Gold

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Pot Of Gold Marijuana

Pot Of Gold

Strain Name: Pot Of Gold

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: View image above. The plant is medium-to-dark green at maturity with dense buds.

Smell: The smell of Pot of Gold is quite strong and funky.

Taste: It taste pretty nice.

Effects: I first tried this strain two years ago which I experienced giggles and a tingly sensation through my body.
The last time I had this strain was in may which I felt an intense high for a couple of hours.

Potency: 2-4 hours or maybe more

Reviewed by: HollowmanJr

Good Strain For: Pot of Gold gives an intense high and is an excellent choice for almost all treatments where medical marijuana is recommended.

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Medical Marijuana


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