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Strain Name: Spurkle

Grade: A

Type: Indica (cross Purple Kush & G-13)

Looks: Nice long dense buds.

Smell: Fragrant sweet aroma with a hint of fuel.

Taste: Very strong Kush flavor.

Effects: Long lasting relaxed body effects that makes you feel like butter on a bbq grill.

Potency: Great evening smoke.

Reviewed by: Magic Mind

Good Strain For: Deep Thoughts

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Connie Chung

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Strain Name: Connie Chung

Grade: A+

Type: L.A. Confidential X G 13

Looks: Long bright orange hairs covering frosty kush nugz

Smell: Like Og Kush and G-13. Its reallll

Taste: Like Jesus

Effects: 60% Indica 40% Sativa with suprisingly a mostly upper high

Potency: Lasts 2 to 2.5 hours

Reviewed by: The baby jesus and Tall fukez

Good Strain For: ANYTHING

Strain Type: Connie Chung, IndicaComments (2)

MK Ultra

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MK Ultra

Strain Name: MK Ultra

Genetics: O.G Kush x G-13

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: See Pic

Smell: Fresh herbs and spices

Taste: Fresh herbs and spices with a very small trail of citrus

Effects: Hypnotic , 1+ hrs

Potency: NA

Reviewed by: RI_BudLover

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Strain Type: Indica, MK UltraComments (3)

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