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Mugato Kush

Strain Name: Mugato Kush

Grade: A Type: Sativa

Looks: very green with lots of orange hairs

Smell: Fresh Mountains

Taste: Piney, Fresh

Effects: Intense head high, some body high. Very creative thoughts. Extremely relaxing, at peace.

Potency: 3-hitter

Reviewed by: volcanobis

Good Strain For: stress, headache, thoughts, creativity, depression, nausea, relaxation, pain relief, enthusiasm, happiness

Strain Type: Sativa

Purple Diesel

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purple diesel

Strain Name: Purple Diesel

Grade: A-

Type: hybrid sativa dominant

Looks: dark green light colored hairs hints of purple

Smell: diesel fuel very strong

Taste: sour grapes

Effects: sativa head buzz deep thought, slight body high

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: bababaked

Good Strain For: headaches, depression, anxiety, before bed

purple diesel

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Island Maui Haze

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island maui haze

Strain Name: Island Maui Haze

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa

Looks: All of the nugs on this strain are very small but i am told there are usually a lot of them on one plant. They are small but extremely dense. Bright orange hairs cover the nug completely with very few but large crystals. Each nug looks like Parmesan cheese was sprinkled on it. The nug is a dark green.

Smell: The smell is identical to bleach and quite honestly thats all thats there is just a reaking ammonia like smell.

Taste: The taste is complex with flavors ranging from sour to earthy, and vanilla like mixed with a skunky bleach like taste. The taste is very strong in the beginning and when you exhale there is a harsh lack of taste that makes you want to cough.

Effects: This one is a creeper. The initial hit lack in feeling but a couple more then i began to feel extremely creative. This sativa is probably the purest i have felt in awhile, It was very up and motivating, and it really made you concentrate on any task at hand. I usually like Indicas more but i love this strain because it helps pain without couchlocking but also not too light so you didn’t feel it.

Potency: 1-1.5 hrs

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

island maui hazeisland maui haze

Strain Type: Island Maui Haze, SativaComments (2)

Hawaiian Snow

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hawaiin snow

Strain Name: Hawaiian Snow

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Genetics: Hawaiian x Laos

Looks: Dense Buds, the pistils (hairs) are light, dusty orange, and are covering the buds.  The buds are light green but appear yellowish green owing to the heavy trichome coverage.  Any leaf left on a poorly manicured bud adds a slightly darker green to the bud.

Smell: Strong hazy aroma which becomes harder to describe with any other word than “haze”  as I stick my nose in the jar.  For anyone without a haze reference, think lightly sweet with a rich musty or spicy note that could border on astringent.  The sweetness of the musky scent is not sickingly sweet.  The smell of the ground herb is a much stronger musky astringent with practically no hint of sweetness.  The astringent smell almost makes me sneeze.

Taste: The herb was smoked in an unpercolated bong.  The flavor is very mild and slightly pine-y.  The sweetness is dismissible in the flavor of the smoke and I can only taste a slight syrup-y flavor on the exhale, and that sweetness is only present in the first few green hits.  Most of the flavor on exhale is a musty or piney flavor that almost mirrors the smell of the ground herb.  I enjoy this hazy flavor, and I’m very partial to the musty aromas rather than the overwhelmingly sweet ones.

Effects: After 1 hit the buzz is noticeable.  It starts as a heavy brain buzz that is extremely creeper.  This bud makes me want to do something productive, or stimulate my mind in some other way.  The high is very easy going.  If you like sativa effects, these effects are fairly textbook.

Potency: 1.5-2.5hrs

Reviewed by: Sherio88

hawaiin snow

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Sweet Tooth

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sweet tooth

Strain Name: Sweet Tooth

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: The nug is very nice looking it has few hairs peach colored hairs and a pretty nice crystal cover. It is VERY dense and it shows on the scale.

Smell: Not to impressive but it did have a slight sweet and musky smell similar to antifreeze but even that was extremely faint.

Taste: The taste like the smell is very very light in fact far to light for my liking but the most i could get from it was a sweet candy like after taste that stayed for awhile.

Effects: This strain should be called The Little Nug That Could because this strain earned its grade in the high alone. It is extremely dream like and pleasant and even as I write this review I keep dazing off to a odd black spec on the upper corner of my wall. This is a sativa and it is somewhat down but it gives you a feeling of extreme creativity.

Potency: 1-2 hrs

Reviewed by: str8bongin

sweet tooth medical marijuana

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Buddahs Love

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Buddahs Love

Strain Name: Buddahs Love

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid ( Sour Diesel X Buddah Cheese )

Looks: The bud is very light and extremely crystaly. The hairs are a medium brown but just drenched with tasty trichromes. Just from looking at this strain you can tell it will be good.

Smell: The Sour diesel in this strain comes out very strong in the smell. It has that sweet and sour smell that you find with the best grown Sour D. It is also mixed with a intense aroma of bluecheese.

Taste: The taste is my favorite part of this strain. One hit will fill your mouth and nose with a very intense taste that alone delivers a fantastic head rush. The taste is very sour and “Danky”. You are then left with a nice skunky bluecheese flavor that stays with you for a long time.

Effects: Although this is a sativa dominant strain the high is so intense that you can be couch locked by simply thinking to much and dazing off into your own thoughts. The pain relief is top notch because most of the time you are too deep in thought to feel anything. Personally this may be the strongest and best strains i have had in awhile.

Potency: 2-3 hrs

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

buddahs love medical marijuana

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Strain Type: Buddahs Love, SativaComments (5)

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