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Grape Ape

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Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Grape Ape

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid- Sativa dominant 60/40.

Looks: Purple strains here and there, dark red hairs, and nice light green all around.

Smell: The purple adds a sweet smell too the strong cat piss aroma that hits you as soon as its broken down.

Taste: Sweet, with a skunky after taste.

Effects: Heavy behind the eyes!! Very giggly after about 20 mins. Very stoney high but still able to do everyday tasks. Effects last about 2 hours for an experienced smoker.

Potency: High. Perfect wake n bake!!

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Strain Type: Grape Ape, Sativa

Brazilian Amazonian

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Strain Name: Brazilian Amazonian

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: This is a deceivingly dense little bud. It is coated with long thin trichomes, and has dark red hair coming out everywhere.

Smell: Initially this bud smelled slightly of incense or perfume, but upon grinding that changed to more of a sweet scent, along the lines of strawberry licorice.

Taste: Contrary to the scent, this bud tastes much like a cold lemonade: the kind that the flavor is so sweet and sour that it kind of sticks around in your mouth. I am also getting a slight undertone of a kind of earthy plant flavor.

Effects: Instant pain relief. I do feel a bit hazy in my head, but my thoughts seem to cut through the cloud, and movements seem un-slowed. That all being said, it has a very nice body buzz that, when combined with the cloudy headed feeling, makes for an incredibly comfortable overall buzz. Just sitting back and feeling the buzz, is like sitting next to a nice warm fireplace on a cold night.

Potency: The comedown started at hour two and lasted until about hour five, so I’d give this one an 8 out of 10 on potency.

Reviewed by: In The Blue

Good Strain For: Great medical bud for night time use or to wind down and relax for a couple of hours.

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Strain Name: Avalon

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: Lots of crystals, dark red hairs, sugar coated

Smell: Pine, Sweet

Taste: Almost “Hashy”

Effects: Nice head high, relaxing body high.

Potency: Its a heavy smoke so it does make you cough. High lasts for a couple hours.

Reviewed by: Heavy Smokers

Good Strain For: Whatever ails you :) its a stong high all around.

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Master Kush

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Master Kush

Strain Name: Master Kush

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: The bud itself is extremely dense and a medium green. With the extremely dark red hairs it is a unique looking strain. The crystal formation is pleasing especially in the sunlight.

Smell: The aroma is very strong smelling of burned rubber with the characteristic kush smell. When grinded this smell can easily take over a room.

Taste: During the inhale it is very smell and somewhat piney. While during holding the hit in you have a constant taste of kush and burned rubber. On the exhale it has a slight lemony taste. This strain has probably one of the most diverse flavors that is just fun to smoke.

Effects: The high is very relaxing and the numbing effect was nice by itself. The high is very clear headed but the best of it only lasts 30 minuets or so then you have about 2 hours of calm serenity.

Potency: 2-2.5 hrs

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

Master Kush

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