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Strain Name: blackberry

Grade: AAA

Type: indica

Looks: absolutely gorgeous Looks almost white

Smell: uplifting,very sweet

Taste: One of the most tasty buds ever

Effects: Indica 100%, couch lock, floating head

Potency: 10/10

Reviewed by: medicalbud

Good Strain For: anything but work

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Fucking Incredible

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Fucking Incredible

Strain Name: Fucking Incredible

Grade: AAA++

Type: 100% Indica

Looks: Huge Leaves, Dark green, with Orange Hairs

Smell: Spicy. Like a mellow Moroccan rice with a kick

Taste: mellow spicy skunk. Different from anything.

Effects: Um…I can’t feel my brain! How do I um… walk?

Potency: smoooth couchlock that melts you into a bubble of Gorilla. Tape.

Reviewed by: Rik from 420 X-TRACTION’S (

Good Strain For: Pain, anxiety and traveling through this crazy world.

Fucking Incredible

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Blue God

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Blue God

Strain Name: Blue God

Grade: A+

Genetics: God Bud x Blueberry

Type: 100% Pure Indica (God’s Bud x Blueberry)

Looks: BEAUTIFUL bright lime green filled with a pure, deep purple-blueish color throughout the nug. You’ll also notice sparkling in the light as the thick, dense blanket of trichs gleam with pride.

Smell: A VERY strong, concentrated blend of banana and blueberry with very noticeable earthy undertones. You’ll get a pretty solid woody after taking a nice, big ol’ whiff.

Taste: A sweet/sour blueberry. Most-def tastes like an Indica

Effects: Insta-stone. Super lazy. One good bong rip and I am FRIED. I’m extremely happy as well. My mind is in the right place right now, I love it. Would recommend this bud ALLLLLLLLL day.

Potency: **WARNING** DO NOT OVER MEDICATE UNLESS YOU PLAN ON PASSING OUT!! THIS BUD IS STRONG!! :D All around amazing bud. Looks, smells, tastes, and most importantly smokes beautifully. A must-try for experienced stoners!!

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Hyperactivity and Insomnia. Great stone before bed.

Blue God

Strain Type: Blue God, IndicaComments (4)

Hindu Kush

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Strain Name: Hindu Kush

Grade: Michigan Medical strong A

Type: Indica

Looks: little round green nuggets with little orange hairs decent trichomes

Smell: wonderful sweet smell with flowers lavender-ish maybe-blackberry blossoms

Taste: nice taste with lung expansion

Effects: STRONG BUZZ-all pain is gone-but still coherent- pressure behind my eyes cotton mouth-not stealthy powerful medicine creeps up euphoric in beginning fading to intense body stone-smoke too much and your going to bed

Potency: very potent 9/10

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: relaxing unwind creative/philosophical floaty ideas sleep medication-fades into narcotic buzz…pleasant

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Strain Type: Hindu Kush, IndicaComments (2)

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