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Sweet Jack

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Sweet Jack

Strain Name: Sweet Jack

Grade: high

Type: hybrid

Looks: sort of an army-green, dense, sticky buds.

Smell: sweet, skunky

Taste: sweet, spicy. made my nose tingle a little bit

Effects: nice “up” kind of high.

Potency: very strong

Reviewed by: dubako

Good Strain For: well, i shot a short promotional film while on this stuff, so it’s good for that at least


this is definitely a good all around collective, they have great strains and a nice selection of edibles and everything, but the real shining star at this place is the pre-rolled joints. while i was in there, another patient chimed in as i was consulting the budtender and said “ohhhhhh, you gooootttta try the pre-rollthththth”. I hadn’t considered it because i never smoke joints, but when i saw these things i was sold. they are totally huge, cone shaped joints with filters on them. the budtender showed me some that were in the process of being rolled. they were made of only fresh buds that smelled awesome. no shake or trim. they put one on the scale for me and it weighed 1.4 grams (granted there is the paper and the filter included in that weight, but still). the joints come in these cool plastic tubes that protect them in the car (or in your pocket…). also they had a big bowl of free candy out front and it had like reeses cups and saltwater taffy and a bunch of good munchies instead of the usual cheap israeli candy that is given out at places that give out free candy.



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