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Strawberry Cough

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Strawberry Cough

Strain Name: Strawberry Cough

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Has a nice mix of green with orange Hairs through out. A mild coat of crystals as well

Smell: Has a bit of skunk to it as well as a hint of berry’s, I also smelled a bit of orange rind.

Taste: Farly mild with a Semi sweet finish to it, it also has that high expansion and that little tickle that makes you cough

Effects: Nice pick me up, Duals minor pains. while feeling very up beat and clear headed.

Potency: 1 to 1.5

Area: MI

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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4 Responses to “Strawberry Cough”

  1. Beastab says:

    Picked it up cheap as hell, smoked 3 bowls in the course of a night and was ripped, extremely long lasting like 2-2 1/2 hours almost 3. Extremely clean burnt white. Stunk so bad it has to be bagged 3 times. Very bomb would definately buy that same stuff again.

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  2. Jamey says:

    I love that spacey/trippy sativa feel. Great for music. Indica’s ok if Im ready to get retarded, but Sativas make me “think”. I like it.

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  3. Feather says:

    this by far is my most favorite strain and i have tried quite a few. hands down, strawberry cough will be in my cabinet from now on. it is an excellent pick me up without leaving me feeling groggy. it makes me feel like my old happy self! this is my feel good medicine. i give it an A

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  4. Oliver says:

    only a B? i was really impressed with this strain when i smoked it yesterday i would give it an A or an A- atleast.

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