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Stinky Pete

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Strain Name: Stinky Pete

Genetics: White Widow X Jamaican

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: It looks like schwag from a far. It’s a very dark green with hints of yellow and brown to it. When you look at the bud it looks brown with a nice coating of crystals. Has very faint dark orange / reddish hairs. Dense buds. (3/10)

Smell: Very sweet sugary smell that smells like fresh rainbow/vanilla cupcake batter with a hint of fresh earth. Very distinct odd smell! In fact I’ve never smelled another strain that even comes close to this smell before. (9/10)

Taste: Just like the smell, it tastes like sugary sweet cake batter, with a touch of earth and a touch of mint. (9/10)

Effects: Day time use. Had a nice clear head, while still feeling really zooted. My eyes felt like droopy dog from that cartoon that was on back in the day. (9/10)

Potency: Strong (8/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good Strain For: Energy, Creativity, Motivation, Relaxing, Anti-Anxiety

Notes: Put out thick cloudy volcano vaporizer bags! Very sticky too! When I first glanced at this strain I thought to myself, here we go with mids priced as top shelf. But as soon as I cracked the jar and the sweet smell hit my nose, I knew it was some chronic!

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One Response to “Stinky Pete”

  1. Natural Wisdom says:

    We were fortunate enough to be handed (2) Stinky Petes which were meant to be grown outdoors. But, they were being neglected so our friend asked us to add them to our indoor garden.

    Beautiful plants and the name fits.

    Stinky Pete will be added to Natural Wisodom’s Medical Offerings.

    The construction of the flowers made this the most relaxing strain I have ever trimmed.

    Ours grew tall and not bushy but the Kola’s were about the size of a nerf football. And I wanted to go out in the street and play a little catch with them. But, we didn’t. I just imagined what it would be like.

    Stinky Pete is somebody! I am not thru with the testing but I would put this up there with the classic strains we have grown. Especially seems related to a Kush plant.

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