Strain Type | Sativa, Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel

Strain Name: Sour Diesel (aka) Sour D

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa dominant blend. 90S/10I

Looks: Like a crystal-covered miniature Christmas tree

Smell: YOU WILL WANT TO LIVE IN THE JAR!! This beautiful heaven-sent flower of wonder hits you as soon as you crack the lid. Strong, dank, and awesome!!

Taste: Deeeeelicious!! Sour dank. The best way to describe the orgasm in your mouth? It tastes like marijuana. Straight up, if you smell it, you will know what you are about to taste.

Effects: WOW!! HOLY CRAP!! This is AWESOME!! Great tasting smoke on the way in but you can’t blow it out fast enough. This lady punches you in the nose. One hit out of a straight pipe and my eyes dropped. The high is FUN. I am so happy right now. You may find yourself drifting off into euphoric daydreams that will give you different perspectives. Over medicating will put your dick in the dirt for sure. At first you feel lazy, but then suddenly you will find yourself moving around. Great wake and bake pot. I don’t know about a a weed nap but you won’t want to move at first if you smoke enough. Overall I’m in love.

Potency: STRONG STRONG STRONG. 10/10. The guy that grew this knew what he was doing. Full potential bud. This was a rarity, I am so happy I know what this strain is capable of.

Reviewed by: Kottonmouthking420

Good Strain For: Wake and bake, just a little bowl or small joint. Great for depression, anxiety

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2 Responses to “Sour Diesel”

  1. killacameron87 says:

    That is not sour d, It is Green Crack wich is similiar, But stronger. Sour D is more fluffy, And Green crack is more dense, And covered in crystals, And mostly smaller buds, Usually little balls.

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  2. Sorry about the grammatical errors guys. But what can I say? It’s good bud!!
    Stay blazed!

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