Strain Type | Sativa, Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel

Strain Name: Sour Diesel

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa 90% / Indica 10%

Tested: 18.9% THC / 0.30% CBD / 0.80% CBN

From: Kind Earth

Looks: Light green with bright orange hairs. The buds are like little fingers covered in crystals. 9/10

Smell: Fruity berry sour smell with a dash of skunk. The skunk smell lingers in the room long after the jar has been sealed up. The smell reminds me of a hot summer breeze – unforgettable tropical  smell! 10/10

Taste: Tony the tiger “It tastes grrrrreaat”! Fruity berry mixed with a dash of sour and an exhale of skunk. Taste is comparable to taking to handful of fruity mentos and chewing them all together. 10/10

Effects: Day or night time use. Gets er’ done! Packed a super strong punch that made my eyes droopy and glassy like it was my first time chiefing. My glassy eyes had straight edge people sparking up conversations about friends who are “caregivers” and I didn’t say a word about the herbs. ;) Very uplifting! Couple bags from the volcano had my stomach growling like an angry lion. A small amount is perfect for the day and a larger doses worked great at night! Very versatile medication. 9/10

Potency: Strong 8.5/10

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good For: Increased appetite, nausea, creativity, pain relief, relaxing, stress, depression.

Notes: I’ve had about 100 different batches of Sour Diesel and this fruity phenotype is the best tasting/smelling Sour D I’ve ever tasted. There is no diesel smell or taste – just straight sour power! I normally do not roll with the sour if it leans to the diesel smell and taste.

sour dieselsour diesel

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5 Responses to “Sour Diesel”

  1. Sid says:

    True to comment on top not sour d lol

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  2. philthyco says:

    looks like silver haze to me..and the fact that u say its so fruity makes me think its haze also..sour d doesnt look like that and it is not a fruit flavor taste..its a sour pine fuel taste..cheers.

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  3. Volcanobis says:

    I gripped more of this sour d from the same source and this batch is definitely not like the review above.

    This batch smells like dill pickles and has an unpleasant “hairspray” like after taste.

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    Volcanobis Reply:

    Also should be noted that the second batch that tastes like hairspray and smells like dill pickles has seeds

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    aziancook Reply:

    I have been smoking for more than 15 years. I live in Jersey. About 5 years ago, my connect got his hands on some good bud. He called it sour diesel ( i never had sour before). I fell in love with it. Eventually i lost that connect and ever since then, I never came across that same sour diesel again. And I buy sour diesel many times hoping I’d find it again. The sour diesel i come across now doesn’t compare to what i got before. The look, the smell,the buzz, is different. The reason why I’m commenting is because the article describes what i used to get. The look, the smell,the taste, the buzz, all the same as the sour diesel i was getting before. There is sour diesel out there like the one in the article because i had it before. I am actually glad this article came out because when i describe the sour diesel i was getting 5 years ago nobody believes me. They think i’m exaggerating or i’m thinking of something else. Now I have more info and a pic

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