Sour Bubble

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sour  bubble

Strain Name: Sour Bubble

Source: OM of Medicine – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid/Indica dominant.

Looks: Nice crystals and hairs.

Photos: iPhone 4 with digital zoom.

Smell: The classic bubble hits you right away with that diesel finish. “Instant classic!” per ESPN.

Taste: Just like the smell; bazooka joe on the inhale with that sour diesel finish!

Effects: More cerebral than physical at first; but then you can zone out with potential for couch lock.

Potency: Strong.

Reviewed by: C Unit

Good Strain For: General pain, nausea, low activity (e.g. PS3, TV).

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6 Responses to “Sour Bubble”

  1. Sour Bubble says:

    Sur Bubble doesn’t hav any sour diesel in it. Sour bubble is a rare phenotype found in bubblegum. Sour bubble is a pure indica.There is no diesel finish, it is a couch lock indica pain killer stone.

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    boots Reply:

    yeah not diesel.. its a back cross of bubble gum created by BOG no Chem or diesel smell or taste in this flower

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  2. flashback says:

    is this a new bud ?

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    C Unit Reply:

    Nope, just a new cross I found; tastes GGGRRREEEAAATTT

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  3. Hell4jews says:

    What amazing color! This is me

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    C Unit Reply:

    LOL, who’s me? This is one of my favorite bubbles

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