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Heavenly Skittles

Strain Name: Skittlz

Grade: A

Genetics: PPP x Wakeford (Sk#1 x UBC Chemo x G13)

Type: Indica\Sativa (40/60)

Smell: Fruity\skunky\fuely

Taste: Strong,fruity undertones with a bite

Effects: pressure, extreme euphoria, like being stuck in time.

Potency: over 15%

Reviewed by: Dr. Greenthumb

Good Strain For: Pain, migraines, and chemo patients. Makes you EAT!

Heavenly Skittles

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2 Responses to “Skittlz”

  1. Tom Jo says:

    Jack Herer – Indoor. F 50-70days, H 150-200cm, Y 125gr.
    Overall winner 1995 Cannabis Cup. A multiple hybrid, the result of years of selective breeding, combining three of the strongest varieties known to man, to create a truly unique strain! Produces so much resin that even the branches bristle with stalked glands. The high is immediate and cerebral. An excellent strain.

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  2. Dr. Greemthumb says:

    This strain is of my own creation.
    PPP X Wakeford (Sk#1 x UBC Chemo x G13). This strain helped my friend RB through some tough chemo. RIP RB!

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