Sensi Star

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Strain Name: Sensi Star

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green with amber pistils and a great deal of trichomes. Fairly dense nuggets.While growing it looks like torn cotton.

Smell: Sweet outside of the jar and very dank inside of it. Not able to to put my finger on the sweet smell, as far as a reference. It is very pleasing.

Taste: Sweet hashy taste, and smooth.

Effects: It first hits your head then a body buzz follows quickly afterwards. This is a relaxing herb with no ability to have clear thinking.

Potency: 1-2 Tokes good for 2hrs. A bowl, roughly 4-5 tokes time for bed or the couch and relax. Good for insomnia.

Reviewed by: Mr.Skunk


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7 Responses to “Sensi Star”

  1. Stay_high says:

    One of my favorites and trust me I have smoked thousands of different strains over the years but this one is the shit to me!!!(:

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  2. stanky says:

    Dyna gro is a good working easy to use nutrient for soil. Advanced nutrients is more complicated to use (large number of nutes) and it is more expensive, however it leads to large yields and super frosty nuggets. I’ve never used House and Garden but I know they are one of the main ones as well. Or you can take a combination of brands of nutrients as long as you research it. Most work well whether its hydro or soil.

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  3. TJ says:

    i would like input from any growers please. i use botanicare and enjoy my results. i just wanna try some new organics but not waste my time/money

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  4. TJ says:

    what nutrient line do you use or do you make your own and
    what soil or hydro?

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  5. pieeyedpiper says:

    been smoking this shit for over 2 years and its the dogs balls,if you give it 8 weeks its a nice daytime smoke but if you give it 9 weeks your stuck to whatever ur on its class good yeald too.peace!

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  6. Super Sonic says:

    Smoked for the first time last night. Was a very pleasurable high after some disappointing Chocolope earlier in the day. Euphoric without couchlock, great for an Indica. I was up really late and felt like I could keep smoking more no prob. Very fun.

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  7. silent bob says:

    I took 4 hits of this and i was fried i think it is one of my favorite strains taste is wonderful it is really smooth no harsh burn and is a good fast hardhiting hi

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