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Strain Name: Romulan

Grade: A++

Type: 100% Indica

Looks: Thick heavy buds, generously coated in resin. Light green with lots of orange hairs. While growing this was a gorgeous plant. Very high calyx to leaf ratio with four massive main colas. Red petioles and classic dark green wide fingered indica leaves.

Smell: The best way I can describe it is like lemon incense. Very spicy and fruity, with a peppery finish.

Taste: Lemony on the inhale, spicy and hashy on the exhale.

Effects: This shit will melt your face! There is a reason this strain is legendary here in Canada (and all over the world). This is the most potent and powerful indica I have ever smoked. Two hits is plenty, three hits and I’m gone. The effects are very much body-centric, and quite creeper. You feel nothing for the first 10 minutes, and then it feels like your face is expanding and your entire head starts to pulsate. It’s a very unique, and really cool feeling that I have never felt in any other strain. The head effects melt into a full body narcotic stone, that usually puts me to sleep after about an hour and a half. If I manage to stay awake, it gives me major appetite stimulation. This is EXCELLENT for any gastrointestinal issues.

Potency: Very, very potent. Be careful with this one, it can be a total day-wrecker. Total narcotic stone.

Grower’s Notes: This is a legendary strain here in western Canada, and for good reason. Not only is it powerful, but it’s very easy to grow, it stays quite squat, but very bushy. Yield is excellent, and trimming is a breeze. Top it once, and you’ll get anywhere from four to six main colas that swell right until the end. Very fruity and spicy smelling. Can’t say enough good things about this one. If you’re lucky enough to come across a sample, pick it up. If you are a grower, grab your seeds from Next Generation Seeds from Canada. 100% germination, 90% females, extremely uniform growth in all plants. Very stable. I was very happy with these seeds.

Reviewed by: Buggins

Good Strain For: Pain, headaches, migraines, appetite stimulation, insomnia, muscle relaxant.


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5 Responses to “Romulan”

  1. Smit-Dogg says:

    I just got some of this a few days ago. It is the Real Deal !!! Nice relaxing high, with a little body high also. I like to take a puff about an hour before bed time. Beats the hell out of an Ambien.

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  2. Kut throat Khloe says:

    I haven’t been able to find Romulan for the longest time, and I live in Vancouver :(

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    Buggins Reply:

    check out a seed company called lucky 13 seeds, they are from the pacific northwest, and rumor has it they are going to be releasing the original Grape Romulan in seed form if they haven’t already. I think they are actualy from Vancouver.

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  3. nepolyanna says:

    Oh yeah baby, dis is da kind !!!
    why fool around with the sativa??

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  4. Buggins says:

    I’ve been smoking this for a few weeks now and still not developing a tolerance. Amazing how powerful Romulan is.

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