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Strain Name: Querkle

Genetics: TGA Subcool Purple Urkel x Space Queen (Romulan x Cindy 99)

Source: Boulder M.M.C.

Price: $20/gram

Grade: A++

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica x 20% Sativa

Looks: These smaller buds were like the bottom of the jar, but dude, I was glad to just get a 1/8 of this at all. WOW what beautiful flowers, they kinda glow! A beautiful mix of neon greens, deep purples, violet-red mixes, and bright- orange pistils. All this completely covered with a full frosting of gigantic trichs! This grow was pretty much perfectly executed and timed. Harvested just at the right time, so that the Sativa qualities are not completely overwhelmed by the heavy Indica genetics. Also perfectly handled and well cured. The inside of the jar is just covered with Kief and I’m drifting off on another purple cloud…10/10

Smell: Very pleasant! Comes on like musky sour-grape candy, but is quickly overwhelmed by a fresh organic earth aroma. Smells like walking through a Zen flower garden, just after a cool spring shower. I am so impressed with Subcool’s genetics, when grown under just the right conditions, with lotsa love and devotion, his gear is just genius! A lot of his Genetics are being grown in Colorado and with fabulous results. I think this is because growers in the mountains around Boulder and Ned have been producing fantastic organic, dirt grown medicine in this same fashion for many years! Combine this experience with exotic, well produced genetics and everyone is smilin’!!! 10/10

Taste: Very complex sweet musky grape taste on the inhale, with the deep, earthy Sativa flavors showing up on the exhale. What’s really cool with this medicine is it leaves a sweet grape candy taste in your mouth for quite a while after a biggy- fat bong rip! Nice bonus, all around yummy medicine. I’ll have some more please. 10/10

Effects: Freakin’ perfect hybrid here mang. Very strong soothing purple Indica vibes abound throughout the experience, but I think the C99 must have been a truly powerful alien cause I stay completely alert and focused throughout. Like a super-charged version of the Purple E but longer lasting and way more cerebral. Complete muscle relaxation with these electric waves that course throughout the body, but in a very delicate and euphoric way. This strain instantly puts you in a frame of mind for some for some fun form of heavy creativity! Great for composing symphonies or painting masterpieces. Computer geekin’ or whatever turns you on! This euphoric, space state seems to be pretty much constant for a good two to three hours and gently brings you back to earth with no lingering side effects what so ever. Awesome,,,Purple Power House! 10/10

Potency: Very strong and long lasting 2-3 hrs. The experience is so fun and mellow that I think most tolerances will enjoy this strain. 10/10

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: Creativity, enjoying life, muscle relaxer, mild to moderate pain, very good for anxiety or OCD, depression. Great medicinal possibilities.

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8 Responses to “Querkle”

  1. jdub says:

    Here the test:
    prepare 2 bowls of any bud.
    smoke one bowl then wait exactly 5 minutes. If you forget about the other bowl, there is your answer.
    of course, if you remember the other bowl, you might have wasted your money.

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  2. isa98 says:

    Random black guy here…. Just came here because I feel bad about Colton Brassie’s dog… D:

    Aite peace.

    Oh and Querkle is one of my favorite… My top 5.

    Blue Dream
    Sour Diesel
    Yoda G Kush
    Jack H

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  3. pickiviki says:

    I can’t decide between Sweet Cindy or Mobydick. Any suggestions? Hurry

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  4. Colton Brassie says:


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  5. Momofire says:

    Hey Justin, yeah I love Subcool’s Genetics, some of the best around. I would love to see your querkle shots man.

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  6. justin says:

    Grows amazing, and the deep purple is fantastic. I have some pretty cool shots of some i grew.

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  7. rob says:

    all subs gear is the same price. so, if one person is charging so much, move on. the price of meds is going thru the floor..

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  8. Stephen Clark says:

    1/4 to 1/3 of a gram gets me pretty blasted and useally last -3 hrs., but the price was a bit steep. I just personally love this strain and it’s def top shelf so there ya go.

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