Strain Type | Indica, Purple Kush

Purple Kush

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purple kush

Strain Name: Purple Kush

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Dense and slightly purple buds covered in trichromes. Lots of red hairs.

Smell: Pungent aroma of pine and fruit.

Taste: Heavy smoke. Moderate fruit taste.

Effects: Strong and heavy from the first hit. Starts very cerebral and spacey but also brings on relaxation and sleep.

Potency: Highly Potent.

Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: Pain, insomnia, calming.

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4 Responses to “Purple Kush”

  1. danky dan says:

    love this bud. that’s all i’ve been blazing on for the past month. great high mellow relaxing at times but really lifts the spirit. make me goofy and giggly. i’ve smoked a lot of pot in my years. this is a great one. the best one of all time is either white widow or sour deisel. but im a new york boy so cant get a hold of all the bud strains out there. bottom line purple kush is a great bud. it will get you stoned but not the stoned where you feel lost trapped and feeling like your in a box. it’s got a great taste to it and isn’t super harsh if you take those really big bong hits. light on the lungs which is always a plus for an athlete like myself. i’d give it a thumbs up and if your in need of good weed purple kush is the way to go.

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  2. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Just picked up a half oz of purple kush from my guy for 150…we get purple kush a lot round here it doest have a fruity taste or smell like fruit….the purple we smoke out here has a piney fuel smell and a hashy taste…it would really knock you on your azz for a good 7hours….

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  3. Logan M Vick says:

    Good description the purple kush i have right now looks just like that and the reviews right on!

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    Octay Reply:

    Exactly like what I have now .taste kinda like Alaskan thunderfucks… Really fruity and is a room reaker.

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