Strain Type | Purple Haze, Sativa

Purple Haze

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Strain Name: Purple Haze

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid mainly Sativa (rumored to be a Thai/Colombian Haze crossed with an early Dutch Skunk.

Looks: Vivid purple with bright green leaves and an ample coating of bright orange hairs.

Smell: Extremely Aromatic with smells ranging from heady inscense to a woodsy, almost Sandlewood aroma, to a deeply earthy Haze undertone. Very satisfying olefactry experience indeed.

Taste: The most “Purple” taste of any medicine I’ve ever experienced. Grape candy on the inhale and earthy Sandlewood inscense on the exhale. Almost exactly like the Smell.

Effects: Very soaring, rushy, euphoric effect that is not at all edgey or uncomfortable. This medicine made me fill very “large” and floaty like a big baloon in the sky. Very long lasting with amellow easy comedown.

Potency: Very strong with pronounced psychedelic imagery and soaring,rushy body high. Not for the faint of heart, at least in the initial stages of the experience,before eventually (could be hours) the introspective mellow indica high takes over.

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: Psychedelic mind exploration as well as very effective contol of even severe pain. Very good for depression, as well.

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34 Responses to “Purple Haze”

  1. smoke better says:

    Dfntly smokin on this rite now sum dope ass dope!

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  2. me lovez me headiez says:

    My favorite daytime nugz.
    Id LOVE to be able to get my hands on some.

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  3. faceband says:

    the real deal purple haze is a 1/100 purple phenotype of the original Green Haze and takes 16 weeks to flower out. it has resurfaced from seed and is kept to, from what i hear, a few circles on the north coast. unfortunately you’re probably never going to find it commercially available given the flowering time and general rarity

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  4. Budlove says:

    this and jack frost are my daily smoke and I love it, Great night time use or appetite stimulant.

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  5. Scoobydoobydoo says:

    Never smoked it yet read a lot about it I needa try me sum

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  6. Purpleswagchapter2 says:

    Ahhhh tooo Fucking Dank !!!!!!!!!!!! love it

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  7. Sean Pratt says:

    Scrambled my egg

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  8. cropethekush says:

    Philly connection anybody ????$$$$$

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  9. miggy n nath says:

    shit this bud is off the hook this will send you packing your bags for the space station shit

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  10. Madame Purple says:

    Hopefully trying this tonight–does it really give you that sort of psychedelic high that everyone says?

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  11. HippyGrenade says:

    Check out my growers blog!

    yeah scored this one at The Giving Tree Dispensary in Denver Highlands and it def was a special batch. gotta love the Purple!!!

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  12. SamanthaPurple says:


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    John Reply:

    How many in celsius?

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  13. magohamote says:


    Does anyone know what is the “low” temperature you need to make the purple haze get the purple color at the end of the flowering? Thank you ;)

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    Sour D Reply:

    Below 70

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  14. BenPuffin says:

    This stuff gets me way to High in a weird way. I start getting anxiety and shit like I just ate way to much cannabuttter. It is however the true Purple Haze strain that originally made its debut in Cali Decades ago. Dominant Sativa and in my opinion the closest we can get to thai stick in this part of the world. It has an insane Sandle wood aroma and some people that try it at first think its bunk because it doesnt smell like they would think by the looks of it.

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  15. BenPuffin says:

    I got the real deal for sure

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  16. Dee Jay says:

    I need some purple haze right now :(

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  17. j dawg says:

    I’m strugglin to find sum in Texas I got white widow pretty easy but I wanna smoke the purple haze I mean just listen to that name. shit look magnificent and I know it smell better

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  18. owen says:


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  19. The real Sourd says:

    Very Very good im smokin some right now looks the same not all buds can come with full purp the orange and lime take over on others but yeah more than 50percent is purple i love this strain taste soooooooooooooo fuckin good

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  20. Big Mike says:

    @Chris, all I have to say is LOL. I remember one time I came off of a 90 day break and I went to the HashBar on Venice Beach and smoked a bowl of some Blue Maui Dreamn hash. I started tripping my ass off and wandered around for hours on the beach until I puked. I passed out in a park and woke up at around 10 pm with some dog licking my face. God damn I was trippin hard.

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    Rat Fork Sand Doll Reply:

    You’ve been tripping on your personal brain chemistry and puking from too many toaster pastries.

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  21. jerome says:

    yo man same ting wid me abt d heart racing off like a rocket man i had sum bubba kush smoked 1 gram in a kingsize paper my heart raced off man n rel flecked up gotta use a little bit of da hard stuff!!!!

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  22. Chris says:

    Yea. its my fav, by a mile. but this mroning i smoked one full gram of it from my pipe….dude. DONT. this stuff is quite fucking strong, never smoke more then 400mg. it got me so fucked up. i started getting really blurry vision, everything slowed down, it triggered a bad migraine, and it gave me nausea. also, my heart started beating like a rocket and i felt like exploding. wasnt a pleasurable experience at all….got me so wasted. all i could do is to lay on my bad, and eventualy fall asleep. i woke up an hour ago. i feel damn good now, except im tired and have a bad headache….

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    Kevin Reply:

    What was it purple haze.What would you prefer for a good kickback buzz,mostly body buzz. kevin

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  23. Malik says:

    What I currently have fits this totally!!!absolutely one of my favorites!

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    sbmorris Reply:

    right there with ya man!

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  24. bob dole says:

    There are definitely people that have the real deal still, and people with newer versions. The real deal is out there for sure…

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    Bob Dylan Reply:

    it’s definitely out there. i just picked some up in Baltimore the other day. Great stuff, not the best i’ve had, but worth it.

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  25. datdominican1844 says:

    WTF ! every one knows Real purp haze is extinguished for many years now.

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    Stephen Clark Reply:

    I’ve heard that too, but the budtender swore up and down it was Purple Haze from a former California grower who now lives here in Colorado. I have seen this strain showing up on menus out in California lately also.If anyone knows the scoop on this business do tell!

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  26. stephen clark says:

    yeah scored this one at The Giving Tree Dispensary in Denver Highlands and it def was a special batch. gotta love the Purple!!!

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  27. Volcanobis says:

    Looks delicious man.

    Looks WAY better than the purple haze I reviewed a couple weeks back.

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