Strain Type | Purple Diesel, Sativa

Purple Diesel

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purple diesel

Strain Name: Purple Diesel

Grade: A-

Type: hybrid sativa dominant

Looks: dark green light colored hairs hints of purple

Smell: diesel fuel very strong

Taste: sour grapes

Effects: sativa head buzz deep thought, slight body high

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: bababaked

Good Strain For: headaches, depression, anxiety, before bed

purple diesel

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2 Responses to “Purple Diesel”

  1. steve420 says:

    that is actually purple diesel, its jus a bad pic, I don’t know if what you have is new York purple diesel, its not suppose to be pure purple, it only has hints of purple and is mostly a weird darkish shade green, trust me, maybe you should do a lil more research on it before you look stupid saying that other people are stupid when there not

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  2. DR.PurpleDiesel says:

    You have to be a complete idiot to believe that is a purple diesel strain, It looks like shit. Its more brown than green and definitely there is NO purple. The orange you are seeing on the buds itself are from elongated time and the crystals have caramelized and there is no purple within the buds, or leaves. not even the stem. Who ever posted this is an idiot. I can upload my purple diesel and we will see which one is the real purple diesel. My plant has purple nugs, purple leaves, purple stems. and its not a nutrient deficiency, its a pure strain, because my lemon skunk haze has no purple, same formula same temperature. Whoever said temperature makes it purple is fuckin stupid as shit.

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