Platinum Purps

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Platinum Purps

Strain Name: Platinum Purps

Grade: A

Type: hybrid

Looks: like yummy sticky buds

Smell: almost coffee smelling

Taste: spicy

Effects: a smooth mellow smoke

3 buds out of 4

Reviewed by: sharyna

Good Strain For: working out, long walks

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3 Responses to “Platinum Purps”

  1. Albert says:

    One batch of the same strain can be better than the next depending if it was grown or trimmed better. Don’t jugde this whole strain because of one bad picture, I’ve got some right now and it’s some fire

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  2. Logan Mike vick says:

    man that looks like straight shwag

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  3. SoLo says:

    That looks like some nasty dirt. I wouldn’t touch that. Not insulting, providing facts.

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