Pink Kush

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Pink Kush

Strain Name:
Pink Kush
Although hybrid, very sativa dominant buds, dense with pink hairs hence the title pink kush, very resinous and sticky, almost looks coated in sugar
Very Pungent Kush Aroma, hints of vanilla tea, similar aroma to purple her sister purple kush
Very Very kushy tase, sweet almost like an over-sugared tea, with a hint of earthy tone. Very smooth Strain.
A Very Active Stone at first toke, however after 3 or 4 are ingested (my method Glass 2 ft. Bong) one will definitely notice her indica properties, “couch-locked” if you will.
An extremely potent strain, that has an abundance of T.H.C. as well as C.B.D.’s. An Active Stone at first, however after 15 minutes or so, a very sleepy stone, excellent strain.
Reviewed by: KushhhKinggg

Good Strain For:Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Appetite, Nausea, Depression, Sex Drive, Epilepsy.

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2 Responses to “Pink Kush”

  1. D & L says:

    I have found my new girlfriend in this lovely lady, and Im not even bi (lol). This is very sweet and smooth. I compare the flavor and scent to christmas cookies covered in layers of sugar.

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  2. Enso says:

    I adore this strain. Smells like heaven, tastes like kush dipped in sugar, and sooo strong. A joint of this ended up lasting me an entire 8 hour party plus the afterparty. Excellent for headaches, body pain, depression and anxiety, and drum and bass.

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