Strain Type | Indica, Papaya


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Strain Name: Papaya

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid indica 85/sativa 15

Looks: has a large amount of pollen on it with brown hairs in it.

Smell: very very strong fruity smell

Taste: meh, like weed,very smooth.

Effects: very relaxing and calm.

Potency: very

Reviewed by: Mr.x

Good Strain For: Body pain,anxiety,stress

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2 Responses to “Papaya”

  1. Bob Blah Blah says:

    Some strains gain a purple color when grown in colder than usual tempetures (for that particular type of bud). It can sometimes be related to a decress in potency as well, but generally just means your plants prefer higher temps.

    I don’t know about Papaya, but if it’s like other strains, you could have gotten the right seeds and still ended up with purple discoloration.

    FWIW I have had what was supposed to be papaya (smoked it, didn’t grow it) and it matched the above photo.

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  2. Max B says:

    i did papaya once and it turned deep purple either they sold me the wrong seeds or these pics are a different strain

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