Strain Type | Indica, Papaya


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Strain Name: Papaya

Grade: A

Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Looks: Light green-yellow with orange hairs. Sticky with average density. Super-heavy crystals at the tops of the buds.

Smell: Slightly exotic, sweet fruit smell. I may be a sucker to the power of suggestion, but it does kind of smell like sliced papaya.

Taste: Sweet and smooth smoke. Mild citrus aftertaste.

Effects: Very spacey, head oriented medicine. Good for artistic or creative pursuits. Body buzz settles in after a while, but not overwhelming. Excellent daytime medicine for patients with high tolerances.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Stress relief. Pain relief. Relaxation.

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One Response to “Papaya”

  1. TB-303 says:

    Really like this strain. Very heady indica feeling that creeps up on you after about 10 minutes. Then you just feel relaxed and at ease with the world, for the moment. A woodsy sweet smell. More sweet though. The taste was very woodsy and gave that burn to your lungs when you know it good weed. I’d try it again, nothing to knock you on your ass but instead a tiny bit energizing from that 15% sativa no doubt. Good hybrid I give it an A.

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