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Organic Purple Kush

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Organic Purple Kush

Strain Name: Organic Purple Kush

Grade: A++

Type: Indica dominate

Looks: Very beautiful clean looking bud,covered in crystals with orange and yellow hairs. Purple all over the nug.

Smell: Very clean fresh smelling bud. Definitely strong smell of kush, can easily tell its organic by how fresh and clean it is.

Taste: Strong extremely smooth inhale, slight pineapple taste with strong taste of kush and thc.

Effects: Good for any type of pain. Has the couch lock affect even after a couple hoots you need to lay down and relax and enjoy the high.

Potency: Potency is very high the weed is very well grown very little gets you high.

Reviewed by: Logan Smith

Good Strain For: bed time use, back or any type of pain.

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3 Responses to “Organic Purple Kush”

  1. Kevin. littlejohn says:

    How to grow a good strain from a seed

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  2. chuck14 says:

    Best I’ve had. Used to be on Tons of narcotics for horrific pain for 17 years daily. 55mph whiplash and crushed nerves in neck with near suicidal headaches. Multiple herniated discs in lower back, Arthritis in joints neuropathic pain from diabetes, could not sleep, and on and on. This is better than all the evil shit doctors are prescribing. Not in a yet legal MM state, but get this, preferred, but any kush works great for terrible pain. I will Never go back to opiates as long as I live. F the evil federal empire that says it’s not ‘medicine’.

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  3. Volcanobis says:

    Thanks for the reviews. We received a review of Jamaican good good from you, but the pic did not come across.

    Can you submit that pic at the submit strain review page or email to admin (at) medical marijuana strains .com

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