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OG Kush

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OG Kush

Strain Name: O.g kush (Cali outdoor)

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid sativa dominant

Looks: pale green and ivy gold,buds look sativa formation but are dense and rock solid , very greasy with loads of amber trichs that seem to cover all the lovely gold pistils. Light colored hairs and not to hairy.

Smell: heavy kush and lemon pledge or pinesol . I love it , the smell holds a special place in my heart alongside NYC and sour Deez

Taste: smooth but expansive . Flavor is not as strong as other kushs or diesels but very enjoyable

Effects: heavy couchlock with some sativa head properties. Slightly visual . Gets u stuck ! Seems to have no ceiling , the more u smoke the higher u get , strong munchies , strong upset stomach relief .strong cotton mouth and red eyes..very relaxing ,narcotic and almost trance like.Very strong but like anything else use in moderation because tolerance develops after 2 days of heavy use.

Potency: 8.9/10

Reviewed by: anonymous

Good Strain For: pain , insomnia, appetite ,nausea , all around good medicine and one of my all time favorites.

OG KushOG Kush

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9 Responses to “OG Kush”

  1. weedman420 says:

    jack the ripper all day

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  2. ChumBum says:

    Do many peeps use BC seed banks?

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  3. looksok says:

    that dude is taking pics with some like cell phone cam or something shitty its kinda hard to see the buds really..but even if they are shit anyone seen the 2 flavors of hash over there by the papers? dude in the pic is getting higher than anyone on this page right now…

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  4. mitch says:

    Its a outdoor strain that’s y it looks like that outdoor is pretty much mid

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  5. ash says:

    yeah, no offense to the grower but it looks like B- weed to me. But then again i’m in Cali so yeah, OG Kush should look much better than that, and where are the OG KUSH Hairs that just about all OG has. Weird color too.

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  6. kramf says:

    looks was if the plant has small buds not liking that much …

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  7. OCP44 says:

    This doesn’t e even come close to looking as good as my OG Kush, making it look bad.

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    preciseboy91 Reply:

    what would you grade your weed?

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  8. chong says:

    looks like reggie lol

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