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Strain: Nebula

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Incredible a mix of dark and light green with bright red hairs. Looks to be coated in sugar in the sun.

Smell: Strong pungent floral yet sour.

Taste: Very strong sour taste but never a harsh hit real smooth.

Effects: Very energetic and inspiring herb for me, good wake & bake meds, however if overdone you will get heavy eyed.

Potency: Top Notch this hits you hard and last a while.

Reviewed by: Jay Blaze

Good Strain For: Nausea, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia,


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2 Responses to “Nebula”

  1. RedEye says:

    Definitely a sativa dominant strain. Can’t wait to get my hands on this strain.

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  2. PenisPimples says:

    This kicked my balls off and I slipped in the blood and was soo high it was funnyy heee heee hooo hoo ha hahaha

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