Strain Type | Moby Dick, Sativa

Moby Dick

Traits: , , , ,

Strain Name: Moby Dick

Grade: A++

Type: Sativa

Looks: N/A

Smell: Danky with a bite of sweet

Taste: Sweet

Effects: Head high

Potency: 20%thc

Reviewed by: blazing green

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10 Responses to “Moby Dick”

  1. Jamon says:

    This is a powerful strain, amazing sativa high. On my list of favorites.

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  2. Charles says:

    Wow, I’ve smoked this strain yesterday for the first time :) I’ve rolled a not too big joint, and I have to say that it fucking blowed my mind up!:D This strain offers you a great Sativa High, wich procures you a really pleasant experience.^^

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    rick Reply:

    you are right have you seen a whale yet

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  3. Mama Weed says:

    I grew it from clones. Very small yeild but a very nice day time bud. Smokes very smoothly and you do get a head high then the body pain goes away nicely. Everybody seems to enjoy the high.

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  4. josh says:

    white haze & moby dick are the same strain. I’m pretty sure moby dick from dinafem had the strain first. even greenhouse names their version moby dick. strains should always carry the name the first breeder gave them. any white widow x haze is moby dick, not white haze.

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  5. Ldigitty says:

    What we got taste good not overpowering. What is great is how it feels.

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  6. Buggins says:

    You call this a review? Weak dude.

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  7. Orangecat616 says:


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  8. Snarky says:

    I scored some Moby Dick from my caregiver that he scored from another grower. I must say the strain is impressive and great for daytime medicating.

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  9. hottpotat0 says:

    fresh bud looks like it needs a haircut!

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