Strain Type | Indica, MK Ultra

MK Ultra

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mk ultra

Strain Name: MK-Ultra

Grade: A++

Type: OG-Kush + G13

Looks: very dince buds completyly consumed with tricombs, with short skinny red hiars.

Smell: very earthy kush smell with hints of hotdogs..

Taste: heavy hitting clean earthy piney with unexplainable posibly hotdog’ish,almost all the way thu from green to dust.

Effects: Excitment!happyness!compulsive thoughts,creative thoughts,mind opening capabilitys,strong couchlock,slured spech,amnishiea,and many more midicinal useges!!

Potency: undetermend..But verry strong!!!!

Reviewed by: the weed guy

Good Strain For: every thing besides staying awake.

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2 Responses to “MK Ultra”

  1. Buggins says:

    I thought I was the only one to smell ‘hot dog’ in my plants before, LOL!

    This is no BS, it actually does smell like hot dogs. I have a super stinky cut of OG Kush that smells exactly like this, and I’ve got a cut of MK vegging at the moment too. This picture has me excited to take this one to the finish line. Beautiful pic!

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  2. former bc grower says:

    this stuffs mor like it..-_-

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