Strain Type | Maui Wowie, Sativa

Maui Wowie

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Mowie Wowie

Strain Name: Maui Wowie

Grade: A/A+ Michigan Medical Marijuana (W.M.C.-Local Organic Soil Grown)

Type: Hybrid-Sativa/Indica- pretty even distribution of High and Stone-many Indica strains have bred with the once strong Sativa producing Hawaiian Islands…that saga continues

Looks: wonderful crystal covered goodness-perfect cure

Smell: pine with citrus and flowers like lavender

Taste: wonderful flower fresh hash

Effects: first medication of the day glass waterpipe 1 bowl euphoric trippy stoney upper body buzz uplifting yet comfortable-good for hiking being out doors-takes away pain well–was good pain reliever while recreation in winter sports-can retain focus while medicated-not too stealthy a little red eyes but not uncomfortable face melt maybe at higher dosages-would be really trippy and fun in the warm sand at the beach walking along the shore…

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: being active yet well medicated-just wonderful medicine-all day smoker this one is… and good luck finding some

Mowie Wowie

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17 Responses to “Maui Wowie”

  1. growerWA says:

    u say good luck well i must b very lucky i have a whole grow room full waiting for my first harvest

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  2. pistonroddan says:

    I need some, im in MI I will travel to the D if I have to!!

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  3. mr gmn98 says:

    if you like Maui wowie you gotta try purple Maui wowie its the best hybrid in my opinion

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  4. bbaylor93 says:

    that last picture has crystals that extend off the bud and has little balls on the end of them please explain how that happens i have seen it before but never understood it

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  5. dasmkmiester says:

    Seattle Washington has this strain and damn near any strain thought of. Also with the best quality grown to its potency extent…

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  6. Maui Wowie is my favorite strain fo sho!! ANYONE GOT ANY IN DETROIT?? IM LOOKIN FOR CLONES AND SMOKE!!!!

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    313Ron Reply:

    Medmarx in Ann Arbor had Maui Wowie in stock over the weekend and possibly still do.

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  7. joe says:

    i got maui wowie bud plants!!!!!!

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  8. spaced-out says:

    my caregiver has “Maui Queen” genetics are maui wowie/space queen
    maui wowie is above top shelf.

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  9. says:

    the phrase: no cough no get off, sticks to this one hardcore.

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  10. says:

    its pretty easy for me to find..

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  11. says:

    i got the hook on some “WOWIE” in michigan. shit is some killz!

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    kottonmouthking420 Reply:

    are u close to the d?

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  12. 420rezhoots says:

    this weed is rare? i just have been getting this strain and had no idea what it was until i saw this picture and details. some good ass weed!

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  13. maui wowie lover says:

    well fack honolulu imma go up to detroit just to get that that maui wowieee dat maui wowieee (kid cudi song “maui wowie reference lol” yo if I can get this in detroit then im gonna get seeds and clones no doubt review is soo dope.sounding just how I pictured lol best strain ever

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  14. hottpotat0 says:

    it is incredible and not easy to find-it is a great smoke for being outside

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  15. maui wowie lover says:

    maaaan I wanted try this strain all my life ans’ am still seatching for the real deal. this report turned me on lol good job on getting some dude

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