Strain Type | Lemon Skunk, Sativa

Lemon Skunk

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Lemon Skunk

Strain Name: Lemon Skunk

Grade: A

Type: sativa dominant hybrid

Looks: light and dark green with alot of hairs, and exceptional tri-chome coverage.

Smell: they dont call it skunk for nuthin lol

Taste: very lemony on the inhale, but almost a hashy skuny tase on the exhale

Effects: it’s a creeper,starts in your eyes and before you know it….EUPHORIA

Potency: 9\10

Reviewed by: rynfrmdertylew

Good Strain For: anxiety, depression, m.s., arthritis, chronic pain

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8 Responses to “Lemon Skunk”

  1. me lovez me headiez says:

    omg, I’d love to get my hands on some of this. haven’t had a good skunk in years.

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  2. Ryan says:

    This strain is above and beyond every strain ive smoked in my entire life. Lemon skunk is my absolute favorite strain! Relaxing and relieving but also euphoric as FUCK! Its like being in a dream and for the opiophiles out there its the closest u can get to a pain killer buzz without doing pain killers. I recommend that if you ever get the chance to get this stuff DO IT, you will NOT be disappointed!

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  3. kinkyhore says:

    I am a DEA agent and I smoke weed all the time

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  4. The weed man says:

    The only reason that the government will not legalize marijuana is because they cannot put a tax on it. This is the same reason moonshine is illegal. Because anybody can grow marijuana and anybody can make moonshine.

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    Mike Reply:

    I’ve always thought the tax issue was the “official” line of BS. The real story is that we all know how marijuana, LSD and other psychoactives get people thinking. And a conscious thinking population is more difficult to enslave..uh I mean keep in line and under the control of our masters… oh hell let’s call it what it is.. enslaved! The matrix cannot afford too many people waking up as that would be a threat to it’s existence. But what do I know, I’m but one single facet of the universal mind and that is my 2 cents ;)

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  5. guywhosmokeswees says:

    ive grown this for years, one of my farviot, super hard to grow but well worth the hard hard work

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    Steve Reply:

    I heard that lemon skunk is easy to morph ? What is the morph rate if any ?

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  6. Doc Green says:

    Dont ever stop fighting for laws that shouldn’t exist, it is time to have the safest most useful drug available to all immediately. These laws are clearly absurd. Is our Government sooooo concerned that we may all get along…WHAT ABOUT THEIR WAR MONEY!!!!!!! Oh no,

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