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Lamb’s Breath

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lambs breath

Strain Name: Lamb’s Breath

Grade: B-

Type: Sativa

Looks: Very dense and dark green, but a bit less crystalline than average for this price range.

Smell: Dank and spicy, with lemon undertones.

Taste: The flavor sticks very closely to the dank scent. The first thing that came to mind when I tasted this was the idea of some dank sort of sweet cigarette.

Effects: This is a very warm headed high, almost like that typical feeling you get with good Headband. That warm feeling typically makes strains very good for migraines/headaches. The body buzz was negligible. I was surprised at the lack of mood enhancement in such a pure sativa. Also, as far as sativas go, this one is very mellow.

Potency: Effects lasted 1-1.5 Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Essentially no help with stomach pains, but definitely helped with a headache I had been having for a couple of days. Minimal appetite stimulation. I don’t have anxiety issues but this one may be good for that, since it is so mellow.

lambs breath

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17 Responses to “Lamb’s Breath”

  1. rob says:

    smoked it in 84 for the first time never seen again highest i ever got off weed, would love to grow it, but dont know where to get seeds, koodo to anybody that has it!

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  2. dzilla says:

    Right On Mike. It was around 83 when I first smoked some Lamb. It was very trippy and so tasty. I remeber I bought a gram for 10 bucks which was pricey back then. I do not think the Lamb or the gold going around today is even close to the true originals of the day. Peace.

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  3. sweetleaf sensei says:

    Was Bob Marleys favorite strain…I know why

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  4. VB says:

    Sad that this strain is represented in this review by an inferior batch. True Lamb’s Bread/Breath when properly grown is A+ quality with a very long and sustained upbeat high.

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  5. Mariah D says:

    someone just gifted me some Lambsbread x acapulco gold X Ortega x super

    any special concerns while growing?

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  6. Subzero7720022 says:

    Ive got some of this Lamb’s Breath from Cali, and it is some great stuff. I will say it doesn’t have the greatest amount of crystals on the buds, but what it lacks in bag appeal it makes up for in it’s AMAZING head high!

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  7. Niki Fifer says:

    if i remember right,this strain was one of bob marley’s favorites.have not tried it yet.hope i get to some day just to say i have tried it!l.o.l.:)

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  8. QueenSativa says:

    Lambs breath was the pinnacle of my life’s experience of smoking herb. I was introduced to it by a girl in my neighborhood. It was the best cerebral high ever, a smooth smoke, and in generous portions. Yes it does have a sweet flavor or essence. In the 25 years plus since I last partook of the sweet lil lamb, nothing could compare. When my friend moved away it was all downhill from there…..

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    chris Reply:

    lol thats a pretty weak pic of that lamb’s in sr ,ca we have the real deal lamb’s bread at look so much better then that

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  9. Henryk says:

    sorry…..but that not real lambsbread. Ive smoked a good amount right

    when i saw it i knew it wasnt it.
    lambsbread is a leagend
    so it shouldn’t be rated a B- ; ]

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  10. lyle says:

    Well,let me tell you about a time more than a couple of decades ago. We spending some time in Negril. In the morning some Rastifarians were moving a fresh squeezed juice stand down Alice Dr. on log rollers.They were struggling and asked for help. It was January and we were in good shape from pushing cars and pickups out of snow drifts in Minnesota. “Black Man, White Man- Unite” and the stand was in place with some fancy movement of the roller logs and a few minutes. Mon,Thank you! Please sit with us. After a bit we were invited for a trip to the “Hills”. If you Have some “J” for gasoline, please. Several hours later LLoyd the taxi man had his Corolla and five passengers way back. We thought it impolite to ask about the misson and were suprised to learn that our Minnesota height would be of great use to clear the press’s. What? I believe that this was a completely honest story : They grew only Lamb’s Bread for medicine not trade but had a real problem with Parrots eating the crop. They had erected many dead-fall platforms to catch the parrots. It’s a Parrot Press, Mon. It was effective and somewhat humane. More than a few Parrots were pressed and we were to help out. We never had any Lamb’s Bread because we were not sick. But I’m glad we could help out. To this day I hope the real Lamb’s Bread is working for good and not trade. Lyle (Lionell)

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  11. Grontular_Dread says:

    Since my last post I ran into the strain “clone only” going around California called “Lambs Breath” which is “Lambs Bread” (female) crossed with “Sharks Breath” (male).

    One Love.

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  12. str8bongin says:

    very nice explanation Dread i didnt know about that.

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  13. GrontularDread says:

    The actual name of this strain is Lambs Bread, which is what the Rasta’s in Jamaica named it after the “Lambs Bread” that was referred to in the Bible, because the buds grew dense, and good growers in Nayabinghi mountains used to grow buds so big, when you’d buy a small amount they would slice it like bread, and you’d get a “flat section” of the bud in a paper bag that resembled a small slice of bread…

    When non relgious westerners got ahold of Lambs Bread strain, they mistook the heavy Jamaican accent as “Lambs Breath” and thus the name Lambs Breath was born.

    If westerners have created a new strain of marijuana called “Lambs Breath” that is another thing..

    One Love.

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  14. Ganjaman says:

    Yo its Lambsbread not lambs breath!!

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    str8bongin Reply:

    actually there is a strain called lambs breath aswell as lambs bread

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    horticulturist/ bud tender Reply:

    To Ganjaman at the top of the page. Your not a true ganja man if u dont there is a very potent sativa called lambs breath and it has the rare to find because it is an old strain and hard to grow. There is high possiblity that lambs bread was a parent plant and was hybridized by cross pollinating with another plant. Only god knows how many strains of marijuana so dont jump to conclusions that you think that some variety is another or that there is a certain strian that doesnt exist.

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