Strain Type | Indica, Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush

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Kandy Kush 

Strain Name: Kandy Kush

Grade: A

Genetics: OG Kush x Trainwreck

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Dark green, thick orange hairs, with a very frosty bud.

Smell: Piney, Skunky, with some sweet tinge.

Taste: Salt water taffy, thick thick salty sweetie earthy goodness.

Effects: Thick body stone, my body feels fortified, behind my eyes are very heavy, I feel a thick fog around me that reaches my ankles and nothing else matters.

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: D&T

Good Strain For: Anxiety, huge pain reliever, back and head stress.

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7 Responses to “Kandy Kush”

  1. ATL_SMOKER says:

    Anybody that can help me? Im n need for the greatness

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  2. CaliCallio says:

    It is my understanding that if your looking for medical effects over euphoric effects, Jack Herer is the strain for you.

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  3. looking for strain to help with lue gerregs says:

    If you live in mi. This strain you can find a clone almost everywhere. It’s my favorite plant to grow. Long flowering period. Only downside but its definitely worth the wait. I have not met one person that’s smoked Mandy kush has not been satisfied. Could someone help me with a strain that would help lue gehrigs disease?my old lady was diagnosed a few months ago. I’m in the mi area looking for a couch lock clone. I’ll trade for a kandi clone if anyone has one. I’m legal. I have my mmmp card plus five patients

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  4. Blake says:

    anybody know where i can get a good deal on this strain ?

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  5. hodag says:

    I got some kandykush x skunk1 seeds free, with my white rhino. I was disappointed that only one of them made it but OMG that thing tried to take over my grow tent! It wanted to wrap it’self around the 400W HPS/MH lamp and every florescent lamp I put in there. The yield was incredible on huge bud laden stalks. We harvested the really sticky buds and dried them for over a month. We are trying to cure them now but even green this stuff will kick your ass into nirvana. Everyone who has tried it has taken 2 maybe 3 hits from a number and then said, “put it out, man.”

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  6. bws420 says:

    Just got kandy kush X skunk #1 seeds and I’m very excited given what I know from growing the skunk(old reliable) and what you have described with the k.k. thanks for the info. Will update when ready.

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  7. Logan M Vick says:

    Yeah man good description i just got some of this from a friend without knowing the name but after reading that description its the exact same, killer bud!

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