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Strain Name: Juliet

Genetics: Cinderella 99 x NYC Diesel

Grade: Bottom Shelf (C+ to B-)

Type: Sativa (80%-20%)

Looks: Dark buds covered with dark orange hairs. Pretty fluffy buds.

Smell: Somewhat sweet and earthy.

Taste: Sweet. Pretty smooth smoke.

Effects: Body high, pretty light. Good for the mornings.

Potency: Mild

Reviewed by: TheClutchMan

Good Strain For: Mild Depression, Mild Anxiety, Mind Nausea

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5 Responses to “Juliet”

  1. Cannabis Connoisseur says:

    How could this be bottom shelf with the lineage it has? I suggest it wasn’t grown close to it’s full potential. That’s just strange.

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    TheClutchMan Reply:

    You’re right “Cannabis Connoisseur” it was not grown to it’s full potential. This is a review on the strain but is mean to be taken with a grain of salt.

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  2. themullet says:

    have had my hands on this strain for some time. very easy to grow and rewards well. the grapefruit citrus smell is intoxicating in and of itself. not the most stony peel your eyelids back sativa on par with the green crack but very uplifting and clarifying. helped get me through a dark depression

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  3. @REAL420DIZZY says:


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    TheClutchMan Reply:

    Thank you! Thank you! But we really need Volcanobis, since I have many reviews that haven’t been published. He’s been MIA for months.

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