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Juicy Fruit

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Juicy Fruit

Strain Name: Juicy Fruit

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid

Looks: has a lots of green tints through out the bud, some orange hairs, and the bud is very sticky for not having a lot of crystals

Smell: It has the smell of vanilla as well as an undertone of sulfur, not very pleasant. once I busted the bud open it had a very strong bouquet of dead roses and still that sulfur smell.

Taste: the taste of vanilla hits you first but that quickly turns in to dirt, with a mild burn on the exhale,

Effects: I know why they called it Juicy Fruit now, this bud makes you very hungry and you cant help but to salivate, there is very little to no cotton mouth after you smoke this bud. Also felt only pertly clear headed and was completely unaware of my daily aches and pains.

Potency: 1 to 1.5

Area: MI (Locally grown)

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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22 Responses to “Juicy Fruit”

  1. TrippyTrippin says:

    Well i tell you what.. I have smoked a good amount of this Super juicy Fruit strain mixed with a Purple Juicy Fruit strain, and i haven’t enjoyed a high so long in months. If you can get the right grow, like i have I give this strain an A+.

    Smoke. Learn. Love.

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  2. stoner yup says:

    ya this bud is extremely smelling like the gum juicy fruit hit this a while back and was super impressed by the smell but the high was not strong ur grower Fd up on the growing part somehow does not smell sulfery at all

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  3. JJ says:

    I’ve grown JF dor quite sometime now and ive never had the taste of sulfer or burn on the exhale. Im thinking the grower of that didnt flush correctly and some unflushed nutrient was the cause of that taste, try it from another grower it should smell a lil lemony and taste like vanilla or creme specially ifs its sensi seed Juicy Fruit

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  5. james says:

    durin the veggie stage i keep the lights on 24/7 how long before i should swap 2 12/12

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  6. james says:

    can u use a water soluable when growin

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  7. josheph hayden says:

    I’ve had really exeptional juicy fruit before that is everything described, juicy fruit gum smelling, nice kush type high. I keep getting it in my area and it looks just like it and has a good high even, but lacks the smell. Grower must be screwing up somewhere.

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  8. brandon32 says:

    i just got my medical card and i got a free 8th of big bud which we all no is shit bud compared to purps or mango kush and white widow of course and i got j fruit becuase they were all out of there sativas apprently sooo both buds i got a shit none the less soo my first day as a 215 card holder for cali has been shity bud my dealer getts better shit that the 2 8ths that i have

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  9. Stonie says:

    Taste like Juicy Fruit Gum no doubt.
    I’ve had it and there is no mistaking the flavor or buzz.

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  10. alex says:

    just picked some of this up in the michigan area as well, and i was blown away. tastes like juicy fruit as mentioned above and the high really knocked me on my ass. great for pain relief and just straight chillin

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  11. Rudger says:

    Yeah, i have some right now and it really does taste the like the gum on the first couple of hits, and the high is pretty intense

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  12. Emji says:

    Do you know if it was grown organically? Chemical pollution can damage smell and taste by replacing organic molecules with a plethora of synthesized receptors; sometimes causes decolorization and decay the cell walls that quarantine chlorophyll from terapins.

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  13. toKEsMaGee says:

    well i got a large amount of this and was not satisfied at all must have not been grown right. It had a nasty sulfur smell to it, nothing close to jucy fruit smell and it tasted bad.

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  14. Deceptionist says:

    This is why this site needs to have respected members writing the reviews… not idiots that don’t have the slightest clue what they are talking about. Yes, they call it juicy fruit because it gives you munchies you retard… Come on… really dude? Taste the real stuff and get blown. Terrible review – should be banned from writing another one.

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    robert Reply:

    I agree with deceptionest! i have some juicy fruit right now and actually just smoked some! Also Nicky hit the nail on the head! same traits here! wonderful flavor..amazing relaxing high. and i been smoking for 35 years and no my shit by now!! lolz

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  15. Niki Fifer says:

    I don’t know why this strain only received a C.maybe some one is not growing it right back east,but out west here,it’s some of the higher end stuff.If grown right,the very first thing you should taste is a rush of “juicy fruit” gum,with earthy after tone.the effects are better than what the review gave.different outcome for different growers I guess.I’ll keep posting comments on the strains of the great northwest!peace,drd8nk.

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  16. MagicMaker419 says:

    I agree. The Juicy Fruit that I grow has purpleish pink buds that smell like fruity deliciousness. Not vanilla. The no cotton mouth part was right though. This weed actually makes you salivate.

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  17. sam says:

    i dont think u had juicy fruit it has a berry like smell not blue berry just frutie n tastes wonderfull maybe next time dont flame it n one hit n hold the flame a good 1 inch away . n u will get the true flavor but i live on the east cost n like i said i dont think u had true juicy fruit

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  18. Bud McSmokit says:

    Are you sure you have juicyfruit? Sulfer smell? What weed smells like rotten eggs? It smells and tastes fruity hence the name. Horrible review and very inaccurate.

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    HappyGilmore Reply:

    Right.Ive had juicy fruit befor aswell and it doesnt have a sulfer smeel.your local grower must have F’d up somehow.should smell almost exactly like juicy fruit gum :)

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    qwantanimo Reply:

    I agree. The strain I have been using is very potent and tastes delicious. Although it is from the East Coast.

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  19. toKEsMaGee says:

    Would this be somethin worth getting??

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