Strain Type | Jack Herer, Sativa

Jack Herer

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jack herer

Strain Name: Jack Herer

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Smaller-dense- bright geen nugs with a frosty finish

Smell: Earthy- woody and a bit pungent

Taste: fresh- earthy with a spicy finish

Effects: Uplifting mentally, Motivating physically. A wonderful day time med.

Potency: Very strong sativa

Reviewed by: Sweetleaf Sensei

Good Strain For: Alleviating Depressed states and Inspiring creativity, Motivational medicine

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3 Responses to “Jack Herer”

  1. ZOMBIEKUSH says:

    This strain is not an A…. Its like a C … Its good for a beginner smoker.

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  2. Deacon says:

    Looking forward to trying it. Had some for almost a week, but still using other strains so I have not tried it yet. Thinking about going vaporizor only, but probably won’t because I’ll need to fill my cannister at some point. If I smoke, it tends to put me down as far as a head high goes, butb the body aches ease a whole lot. Vaporizors have become a new favorite of mine. Try to be a responsible patient. Liking the topival cream I bought a week ago too. I don’t have to go through a “stoner” moment, and my pain is relieved as well. I am really learning a lot over the last few years about the medicinal value of this God given plant, weed, whatever your view…lol.

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  3. smoker says:

    One bong hit left me on the couch staring at colors. Very cerebral and strong tingly body high. Could barely walk or talk. Easy to over do it with this strain. Tastes great.

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