Strain Type | Indica

Blue Berry

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Blue Berry

Strain Name: BlueBerry

Grade: A+

Type: indica

Looks:Lightgreen Covered in Crystals like it has been rolled in sugar

Smell: Fruity with a earthy undertone

Taste: fruity

Effects: Very relaxing high nice body high great for Anxiety , insomnia, mild pain relief

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: Jayman

Good Strain For : Anxiety , insomnia, mild pain relief

Blue Berry

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3 Responses to “Blue Berry”

  1. Daily smoker says:

    Love this stuff! Tastes great in and coming out, great high, sorta mello almost drunk feeling! Great bud all around 10/10

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  2. David says:

    Hey…..i am interested in your blueberry Canabis and wanted to know how much you sell and ounce of it?? Reply… asap…

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    SoLo_DoLo Reply:

    Oink Oink!

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