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Strain Name: Ice

Grade: A+

Type: Indica/Sativa

Looks: Very Fluffy light neon green buds coated in trichomes

Smell: The smell is very clean and fresh, and when ground up smells even better with a hint of a fruity smelling

Taste: The taste is to be expected of the smell. The smoke is the furthest thing from harsh, it is a very clean smoke and it leaves a tingling in the back of your throat.

Effects: Very instant heavy stone that is more of an upper, talkative social high. Couchlock after 3-4 bigger bong rips. Clean high that is very pleasing and heavy.

Potency: Pulled at peak harvest this buds potency is only rivaled by a handful of buds.

Reviewed by: The Connoisseur

Good Strain For: Appetite, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorder, Muscle/Joint pain, Sleeping Disorders, Headaches and Migraines.

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3 Responses to “Ice”

  1. bws420 says:

    Looks like you had some deficiency issues or a weak pheno cuz my ice is dense, larger, cone shaped buds that actually have calyxes, with that wonderful hashy taste and a lasting balanced high. My fav to grow and smoke. From Nirvana seeds. Give them a try you will be amazed.

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  2. henry says:

    you guys got to have a review about cloud nine its missing, love flo ;)

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  3. Tom Jo says:

    by My Experience
    Ice – A cannabis cup winner and good for hydroponic growing. Very crystalline buds produce a strong high.

    Ice 2003 – Producing a heavy stone, Ice is a heavily engineered strain with strong high.

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