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Strain Name: Headband

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Buds dense and hairy, a bit spread out.

Smell: Smells like countryside greens not very dank at all.

Taste: A little bit hashy and harsh on the intake, but has a slight incense-like undertone with a strong flavor of lemon on the exhale. Both flavors stick with you after the smoke is gone.

Effects: No motor or thought retardation. Body euphorics, slightly warm muscles, not light or heavy. Very energetic, I feel like I can accomplish things in this state. Increased sensory perception. Definite mood improvement. Does not help very much for muscle pain or nausea. Helps immensely with my headache. Very red eyes, but negligible dry mouth or drowsiness.

Potency: Effects lasted 2 hours

From: CannaMart (colorado)

Reviewed By: In The Blue

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15 Responses to “Headband”

  1. Bob Borker says:

    Eddie is right headband grows like an indica but yields a little better than just a straight o.g. , and it smells dank ass fuck like pinesol and dead skunks

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  2. starbrosr says:

    I know one thing it almost made me getkicked out the club cause it was so loud in my pocket security thought I was blowin .its good between that and that gas stain I’m good.

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  3. Eddie says:

    To be honest this is a shitty review. First of all headband is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diezle and its a indica dominant hybrid. When you see it growing it’s obviouse. Being indica dominant it still gives a great mental buz though.

    Smells like countryside greens??? Idk what kinda schwaggy outdoor shit you got but if it smells like plant then it wasn’t cured properly. Every Headband I have smoked has a distinct pine needle smell and flavor, and yes it’s a thick dank smell.
    Not to be an ass but this review is so far off. I knew that the moment I saw “Headband” which is a cross of OG Kush, listed as a sativa! What a joke!

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    joe Reply:

    sour diesel is 90% sativa. but agreed no bud should smell like countryside greens means its flash dried or been left damp to long.
    there are lots of genetics for this strain seeds are different from cutting and the seed have multiple phenotypes. so saying its indica is wrong it has potential to be either.

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  4. Max B says:

    headband is quality kush..taste is so good.this and sour D is all im gonna be smoking for a while

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  5. Dan Wan says:

    The Lemon skunk is an eighties strain of skunk kept in Vegas now brought back out goodness all around!

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  6. jonaahhhhhh says:

    Feels like you have a headband on, heavy stone. Lol

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  7. leeeeeeenar says:


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  8. matt mernagh says:

    big fan of the Headband marijuana strain. great marijuana review. Headband works great at relieving chronic pain especially related to fibromnyalgia

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  9. Maddz says:

    Have a Med Marijuanna Liscence. I am looking for a strain that will help my body more than my head. I don’t really like getting very stoned by I need the relief I get for body pain. Anybody know a strain that is like that?

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    Medicinal Dan Reply:

    You would want to try an indica strain for body pain. Usually Kush strains are good for this. Since you don’t like the the stone effect maybe edibles would work better for you.

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    Dan Wan Reply:

    Try Mk-ultra or Herejuan These strains was developed for pain and nausea.

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  10. dab says:

    Look at the above posts, the subject was headband and like stoners do it ends with lambsbreath and nobody realized it. Anyway this headband is decent. There should be a degree in dro studies like a phd in marijane horticulture.

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  11. Ganjaman says:

    Yo ita Lambsbread not lambs breath!!!!1

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  12. Chron says:

    Im hearing a lot about headband, it’s great for migrains but there is two types. The real headband and a 707 version. What’s the difference?

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