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Green Crack

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Green Crack

Strain Name: Green Crack

Grade: B+

Type: Indica

Looks: Small, dense, dark green buds. Each nug is almost entirely coated in dark orange hairs.

Smell: Very fruity and almost unbearably sweet. The scent is intense, but pleasant.

Taste: Like a spring breeze. Kind of sweet and flowery, very fresh and clean too.

Effects: This bud is very down, not tiring, but down. I don’t feel like doing much of anything really. I just spent the last hour sitting here staring at my computer and out my window, just kind of enjoying what is around me. This bud works great for pain and ‘ok’ for nausea. It is a bit dazed, and hard to stay on task. When I do get on task though, I seem to be productive enough. I would not suggest this as a daytime smoke, unless you have nothing to do but burn time and weed. It is enjoyable enough, and it helps a lot with the pain, but it is a hardcore couch-locker.

Potency: Effects lasted 1-1.5 Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: This worked very well for my stomach pain and well for my nausea, but did not increase my appetite at all. It is very stoney and definitely locks you down to wherever you smoke it, so don’t plan on moving for a while.

green crack

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6 Responses to “Green Crack”

  1. m87 says:

    grows killer, like lots of sativa doms if u dont let go to mostly amber shes quick to tolerance,even moreso than the name implies. Amazing in the garden though.

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  2. Brock says:

    This stuff is amazing my second favorite type of weed right here gets you fucked up sooo fast great great sutff

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  3. virus gift says:


    Thought so!

    But all the same, for the nighttime pain I experience, this sounds pretty appealing.

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    In the Blue Reply:

    Oh man yes, its amazing for that. Although, I’ll tell you a strain I was really impressed with for nighttime use: Ice. It is really cheesy smelling, with big rounded buds. I didn’t have enough to review it, but *wow* was it amazing for nighttime use. Knocked me out and kept me down for 7-9 hours every time.

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  4. virus gift says:

    Hmm, I was always under the impression that Green Crack was a Sativa for some odd reason… guess not.

    I have heard many, many good things from ALOT of people though, and this strain now sounds like it’d be good for Fibromyalgia (and related) pain.

    Thanks for clearing it up! This place is great for things like that — learning.


    -virus gift

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    In the Blue Reply:

    Actually I’ve done some further research, and typically I think that Green Crack is almost a pure Sativa. That being said, this may be a different strain whose seeds were just named/sold as Green Crack.

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