Strain Type | Green Crack, Indica

Green Crack

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Green Crack

Strain Name: Green Crack

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: light green with orange and purple blueish hairs

Smell: tangy and a tad sweet

Taste: sweet a tiny bit tart but not harsh at all

Effects: this marijuana has a zoning effect and a great body high very intense i could almost imeditly feel the effects kicking in

Potency: effects 1hrs 1.5hrs

Reviewed by: doctor dankhead

Green Crack

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127 Responses to “Green Crack”

  1. Macp says:

    Only difference in Hydro and Soil is to the actual grower. Hydro needs less maintenance, imho is neater and cleaner, but personally, I find it a little more confusing and a need to be absolutely precise. Theres more give and take with soil.

    But that bud you’re burning? It doesn’t care if it was grown hydroponically, aeroponically, or organically.
    Bud is bud. Hydroponics will not change the genotype.

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  2. fight-loc says:

    hydro is mostly yield. i nor any of my peers choose dro. soil when done right will have more personality every time. if ure talking about wax 61% isnt special. and dirt does come from mexico. everything else you said mad3 m3 wonder if you have a brain or you just like to talk out your ass.

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  3. green crack says:

    I need to find out where to get green crack every 2weeks oz.

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  4. Shelly says:

    Whenever I smoke green crack I always get a ton of shit done around the house. It really wakes you up & gets you moving. For example, I have this long ass driveway, half of which is covered in moss (maybe 100ft of mossy driveway). I smoked some green crack & proceeded to clear the entire driveway of moss, using nothing but the back side of a broom. Yeah, it’s good shit.

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  5. asian lad says:

    when i was in asia i required sum green crack and i was high for dais. guy gt it straight from the plant and tasted lovley. wuld highley reccommend as the best weed ever!

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  6. Dylan says:

    Concentrates these days are 60-80% THC if it’s made with dank. Sorry hater.

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  7. Indicat says:

    Ruderalis has already been used, originally for the strain “Lowryder”, and it’s variations. The biggest difference and the reason breeders have worked with it is it’s autoflowering capability.

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  8. GClover says:

    so basically, cannabidiol helps people that have schizophrenia and/or people who are psychotic.. for those who dont wanna go look it up. XD

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  9. GClover says:

    It may be faster to grow a plant with hydroponics, but without dirt, you are skipping a huge process in nature. There is a reason plants grow in the dirt. Though a plant will grow faster in a hydro system, the plant will be lacking flavor, other than its natural, buddy, THC flavor. See, the plant absorbs whatever it takes in, and ends up tasting like it. if you put your plant in some rich, tasty soil, it’ll produce a really tasty bud. if you put it in dry worthless every day outdoors soil, the plant itself will taste like dirt. and hydro is more expensive, so for the poor and patient, there is nothing wrong with some good quality soil. ;)

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  10. GClover says:

    we have them in Washington too. i cant specifically recall what they’re called, but they’re the shit.

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  11. GClover says:

    Ok, I love me some Green Crack. It was the first strain I ever smoked, and I’ve been in love with the stuff ever since. As far as THC content goes, 61% isn’t necessarily IMPOSSIBLE, but it’s so highly unlikely that I’m gonna have to say that it’s BS. But, if you can prove it, I will take my hat off to you, good sir. :)

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  12. blue mist says:

    You guys really need to correct this review. Green crack is NOT ab indica!!! It does NOT make you sleepy. The reviewer obviously doesn’t know up from down!!

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  13. Michael says:

    why a meth pipe as opposed to a titanium nail?

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  14. black metal mikey says:

    it hard to eat it make drink more beer

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  15. MissouriKush says:

    This strain is very potent and gives an amazing high, reasonably priced, easy to find, and gives you energy to work through your day. Overall a fantastic strain.

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  16. greenthumb that reads and tokes medicinally says:

    bubbleponics,vs hydroponics vs soil, \\

    bubbleponics veges fastest and has close tighter nodes, buds at the same speed, while soil veg is lankier, about 60 percent as fast (example: 30 days soil 11″ 5 inches if measured left to right, while bubbleponics at 30 days 18 inchesd tall and as thick as a ceder tree. the tests have been done. sorry, bubbleponics wins. constant air, water and nytrient suppliesd to root zone, cant be beat. see stealth hydro for proof of the most amazing root system you will ever see.

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  17. this4locoaintmy40 says:

    damn my homie got me bout an 1/8 for my bday nd gc had me going. made my broken leg unnoticable. nocked me out!! instant high..felt it on inhale. s**ts bomb!! could we cusss on here

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  18. Woöoooo says:

    You fucked your grand father? Man you are sick….

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  19. Ron E says:

    Dark Soil From Wal Mart Grows Some Bomb Bomb:) Fox Farms is Okay

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  20. mercedes420 says:

    dude u went for the okee-dook! do your research! U must buy off “Da streets” lol p.s ppl dont smoke the fine outta papers and what not… just sayin… :)

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  21. steven says:

    i had to take a class to get my kids back i live in oregon and it was about weed and the highest amount of thc is only 32 not 64 hahaha

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  22. Derbin14 says:

    Yo i totaly agree with u about this green crack shit, it made me wanna throw up, gave me a headache, made me start to freak out (anxiety) and tasted like total shit, ill never smoke it again didnt give me that high i really wanted

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  23. Guy Incognito says:

    Unfortunately, H2O isn’t better for quality. Pro-tip gardening 101: Plants are of much better quality when grown in soil with a proper PH balance. Why? Nutrients. Soil contains far more essential nutrients than H2O does. When growing with H2O, Yield / Weight will be more, but the plants will ultimately be bland. Kind of like cooking food without any seasoning. Different ratios of compounds / elements in soil compositions provide plants with unique smell / flavor / highs.

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  24. faceless voice in the crowd says:

    I have pulled off an organic aero run but it was the dirtiest nastiest cleanup job afterwards. For taste it is all about using a natural chelating agent. Highly refined rock salts with fulvic acid (the only real tried and tested ‘natural’ chelator) in a hydro system can get plenty of tasty results. Most of that stuff is fairly straight forward soil science.

    But for a simple breakdown, charged particles need a neutralizing chelator to make it through not only the root but all manner of other cellular membranes as well. Little tiny water soluble hydrocarbons found in the water soluble extracts of soil have been chelating every living thing until we invited chelating agents. I have first hand seen fulvic acid make ALL the flavor difference in a number of peoples gardens.

    If you just want bigger there is always the carcinogenic paclobutrazol.

    I am all for organic but if you’re gonna preach it like a religion at least know what it is.

    People use animal shit from I’m sure super healthy animals(sarcasm…what kinda factory farmed shit do you think bone meal and the like comes from) and think that’s the important part of ‘Organic’.


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    faceless voice in the crowd Reply:

    chelators needs to be on the end there

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  25. Stoneed right now says:

    So true im ghighh as balls right now and i told myself. fuck dat shit mayne


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  26. action says:

    Great! You guy are stressing me out. now I need a joint! where did my lighter go?

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