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Great White Shark

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great white shark

Strain Name: Great White Shark

Grade: C+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: The nugs are a medium green with pretty dark red hairs. There isn’t really a noticeable crystal formation unless you see it in some light. This strain is pretty general looking with no unique features. It is slightly airy and light nut fairly sticky.

Smell: The smell is very similar to PVC glue but definitely not as strong. It is pretty mellow but noticeable if a container of this strain is left open. The smell lingers for a long time from the nugs and stays even longer from the smoke.

Taste: There isn’t very much taste at all. The cure job was done well because the smell is pretty good but this strain just doesn’t really taste like anything. It isn’t like fresh cut bud but its also not harsh, the lack of taste what so ever is amazing.

Effects: The effects are pretty good and very up when you first begin smoking this strain but after smoking on it for a couple days it really loses its punch. The initial high was very calm and functional doing wonders for pain but along with its low potency it just stopped being as effective as it once was.

Potency: a little more than an hour

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

great white shark

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8 Responses to “Great White Shark”

  1. cvb says:

    taste like a great white!

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  2. Sean says:

    C+ ?? LMAO.. Worst review ever based purely on that alone.

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    C Unit Reply:

    LOL; not repping CO very well!!!

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  3. Blown Purps says:

    Those nugs don’t look like they were grown properly. The airy ness comes from lack of supplement. Try gravity, works wonders. I just ordered some feminized seeds from Amsterdam, the GWS is one of the top yielding, strongest cup winner they had. Definately happy with my donation.

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  4. CaseyJones says:

    This is one of my favorites, it makes me feel really happy and bright, doesn’t cloud my mind and when I come down I don’t feel burnt.

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  5. Chaz says:

    I don’t think this review is accurate as the White Shark you had clearly wasn’t grown from an Amsterdam made seed.
    Great White Shark is similar to White Rhino made in Dam. It is extremely strong if grown correctly. The smell is overpowering, the kind of bud that just stinks out a room when in just a baggy. Has a lovely skunky flavour. So very white and bright green in appearance, has dark red hairs.

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    Andrew Jaramillo Reply:

    I agree. I have some Great White Shark and the nugs are amazing and it smells so good. Idk if that’s a very good photo of the good GWS.

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  6. matt mernagh says:

    awesome marijuana review luh great white shark. great strain.

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